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TikTok Vietnam review phrase Danger

TikTok Vietnam review phrase Danger

TikTok Vietnam review phrase Danger

Puong Nung’s family’s life is suddenly disrupted after she appears in a malicious Tik-Tok video.

In mid-May, a video of a “criticized child driving a digital car” in Vietnam caused a stir on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Puong Nung, 22, who lives in Hue with her parents, suddenly came under fire for appearing in the controversial video.

The short video shows Nhung wearing a mask and comments on digital drivers. “The original voice of mine was cut and pasted into someone else’s voice,” she explained. But viewers didn’t notice the cut through the phone screen.

“Within just 1-2 hours, my photos were flooded on social media. Hundreds of insults and threatening messages have been sent to my inbox. That was the time I didn’t dare open my phone,” he said.

TikToker Hoang Minh has apologized in a video after being criticized by an online community.

Three months after video of Hung’s presence went viral, Hoang Min, who shot the video, was summoned by authorities. This TikToker has previously created a lot of content, including “criticism for boys who drive digital cars” or “shy central people”. To achieve what TikToker wants, the videos use the technique of cutting, multiplying, and multiplying this answer with another question.

Hoang Min, the owner of the TikTok channel, said of the presentation: “The original purpose of making a video was to present one-sided information about me so that people can argue, criticize or criticize. Confession” clip later.

This TikToker has been fined VND 10 million, the highest level in the system, with several serious conditions such as repeated violations; the extent of the dissemination of false information; Public opinion condemns and infuriates.

Born in mid-August 2000, TikToker was fined for making controversial videos featuring illegal public police uniforms. Earlier, a passenger was banned from flying in the middle of Phu Quoc Airport after boasting on Tik Tok.

A few weeks ago, after a controversy between the creators of food review videos and some restaurants, some stores put up a “TikToker ban” sign. Although the Tik Tok site has complained about the service and quality of the food, the store says it’s just a way of winning these people’s opinions, and their business has suffered as a result.

“In a review sentence, in a sentence like this, most people want to be silly rather than educative, offensive or dangerous content that violates the law, morality and tradition,” said Mr. Le Quang Tu.Dr., Deputy Director for Broadcasting and Electronic Information – Ministry of Information and Communications, Appreciation.

Measurements are the goal of many TikTokers and YouTubers.

Amazing stats

Today’s social networks offer monetization tools for content creators. According to an advertising industry insider, views, followers or comments are the first signs of interest when evaluating a channel’s impact and monetization. For example, if a TikTok account in Vietnam has more than 500,000 followers, each video can earn 6-10 million dong advertising dollars. With over a million followers across all platforms, monthly income can reach nine figures.

Social networks develop algorithms to help content creators increase their index. For example, when viewers click a link to a specific video on TikTok, they’ll see a message asking them to follow the channel before watching it. The YouTube algorithm on Tik Tok encourages users to create new content videos regularly. If a video gets a lot of views in a short period of time, the platform can consider it a “hot” video, promote it through recommendation algorithms, or publish it in the “Trending” section.

In the famous TikToker guide “Million View Videos”, the “controversial” deception is one of the four highlighted secrets along with corresponding psychological content. Also included in this article are short videos, content creators “have to create an attraction from the first few seconds or they will be ignored by the audience”.

Tik Tok metrics analysis page.

Mr. Kim Vu, a community manager for social media content creators, said that the desire to become famous, in addition to generating income, is common among many social media users. “Most Tik Tok creators and viewers are young, so there are times when they create videos and people have a mature understanding even if they are popular,” Khim said. He checked this situation for TikTok, similar to Facebook or YouTube, in the new phase of importing to Vietnam.

“My first thing every day is to look at the channel’s analytics to track metrics like views, engagements, and comments to get direction for the next video,” said Thanh Huyen, who works full-time at TikTok in Hanoi. According to her, “everyone wants the channel to have a good index, except for the ones making fun of it. So if the connection is not satisfactory, you may need to turn off the channel or just fall on the wrong channels to try another channel. Ugly content to capture the image.”

The video spam situation on social networks is driven in part by competition for new platforms to attract and retain users. In the two years since the outbreak, TikTok’s short videos have spread rapidly around the world. Given this phenomenal success, since last year and earlier this year, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube have joined the race to create short video features that hit the mark. However, experts believe that the competition is forcing content moderators to keep up with the rapidly growing number of users, even if they consciously choose which content is allowed to be viewed for review. , profit optimization. “They see consumers as a profitable market, not as a law-and-order society,” says Kenyan sociologist Nanjala Nyabola. The Washington Post.

The result of the observation method

Nearly four months after video of her picture went viral on social media, Nuhung says her life is still not back to normal, with occasional videos of her presence appearing on message boards and getting numerous messages. Negative Comments.

Meanwhile, a person who works in the electronic information industry opined that silly content has a bad influence on young people. Online vanity culture takes away our precious time, the lost reading culture, so young people are too lazy to play sports, communicate in real life, establish their ego, but in the right direction. behavioral problems,” he said. .

Thanh Huyen was proud of the title “TikToker” and considered it a new profession, now he could not apply himself. “I identify as someone who creates collective social media content to avoid an unfriendly perspective from the other person,” Huyen said. The 25-year-old, who creates TikTok videos across all platforms, believes users can always choose to receive good content. “But if viewers still care about explicit videos, they still have a place to live and influence the creators of real content,” she said.

Statistics on the number of removed videos on YouTube and TikTok (TikTok did not publish data for the second quarter of 2022).

According to Khim Vu, it’s time for audiences and brands to define influencers (KOLs) and not just numbers. Mr. Khem, who has observed the digital content market in Vietnam for many years, believes that a content creator who previously reached 100,000 followers on Facebook or YouTube is already a big event and has an impact on the community. But now many TikTokers are lucky to have hundreds of thousands of followers after just a few short videos. After that, they could no longer maintain their values ​​and had to resort to methods to attract more attention.

Public Security Minister Tho Lam said in a debate that “some parties are trying to make their mark on social media, including committing illegal acts, creating objectionable content, lack of education, falsifying information, the incitement to violence, slander and slander”. National Parliament. Harvest in August

Also in August, the government released a proclamation outlining several articles of the Cyber ​​Security Act. In particular, Article 26 requires foreign companies doing business in Vietnam to establish a branch or representative office in Vietnam, including social media information. The Ministry of Broadcasting and Electronic Information indicated that Tik Tok currently has a representative office in Vietnam. In most cases, the department has worked closely with this department to quickly deal with content and users that violate the law. In the near future, other popular cross-border social networks like YouTube and Facebook will also have to follow suit.

According to Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, the definition of “offensive” depends on each person’s assessment, and there is a certain line between “offensive” and “breaking the law.” “We urge platforms to immediately address the offending videos and take action to block them before they are distributed.” People oppose but recommend the content department up to the amount of the sanction. “Forums to advise content creators, especially celebrities, to self-regulate their behavior,” said Mr.

In its Q1 2022 Transparency Report, Tik Tok Vietnam stated that among the 30 markets where the most videos were deleted, there were about 2.4 million deleted videos. Videos were removed for violating community guidelines. Vietnam is consistently among the top 10 deleted video markets on YouTube, with popularity averaging 70,000 to 80,000 views. More than 200,000 videos per quarter. The most common reasons for video removal are child safety, fake news, and violent images.

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