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Trang chủ » The character is so strong that players can’t keep up

The character is so strong that players can’t keep up

The character is so strong that players can't keep up

The character is so strong that players can’t keep up

YouTuber Jtisallbusiness can’t play Diablo Immortal after depositing over $100,000 because his character is too strong.

“I’m not exaggerating if I’ve queued for 48-72 hours without being able to play any matches in Battleground, it’s amazing,” JetSalBusiness said on Aug. 1. live streaming.

Jtisallbusiness and the character in Diablo Immortal.  Photo: Jtisallbusiness

Jtisallbusiness and the character in the game Diablo is immortal. See: It’s all business.

Jtisallbusiness spent US$100,000 (VND2.3 billion) a month ago to improve its features. Diablo is immortal – The latest in the action RPG series Diablo Sounds published by Blizzard. One of the features of the new class is Pay-to-Win (P2W), which means the more money you deposit, the more likely you are to win. This is also a point of contention in the new episode when the player accuses the player of “drinking blood”.

It has been estimated that in order to reach their maximum strength, each character will need to invest in around $100,000 worth of gear. Jtisallbusiness has spent all the money on its barbaric nature.

After the update, it will compete with the PvP Battlegrounds mode where players can compete against each other. At first he played regularly, but quickly eliminated hundreds of opponents. After a while, this YouTuber rose to the top of the board.

Jtisallbusiness characters can no longer be paired with others in PvP Battlegrounds mode based on MMR ratings. Contacted Blizzard to fix the issue but still not fully resolved.

Jtisallbusiness is concerned because he is the leader of a team that specializes in playing games at big events. “I can’t fight as a team leader and Blizzard won’t solve my case,” he said. “Also, as a games broadcaster, I lost my income because I couldn’t use my strong personality on the channel.

Meanwhile the community Diablo Express opposing views. “Congratulations, you won the P2W contest, but now you’re all alone,” commented a YouTube account on the Jtisallbusiness channel, which has over 1,000 likes. “Winning with money has never proved your level in the game,” commented another user.

On Reddit, some also expressed surprise at the amount of money Jtisallbusiness spent on the character. “I know it’s his money and he’ll do what he wants, but what I’ve saved over the years is mine,” one person said.

Blizzard declined to comment on the Jtisallbusiness case, but said it had received complaints from some players “about how long matches in PvP Battlegrounds mode are taking and is considering a system change this week.”

Bao Lam (Consequences kotaku)

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