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Trang chủ » Not helpful with chatbots – VnExpress Digitization

Not helpful with chatbots – VnExpress Digitization

Not helpful with chatbots - VnExpress Digitization

Not helpful with chatbots – VnExpress Digitization

Chatbot AI is designed to help users interact with the switchboard for quick help, but the reality is driving many people insane.

Over the years, chatbots have become widespread in hopes of revolutionizing advice and customer service. Instead of using pre-recorded messages, AI is applied to the chatbot to communicate in a natural and intelligent way. However, many people believe that a real conversation with him is nothing more than “torture”.

Chatbots cannot completely replace humans.  Photo: Futureofworknews

Chatbots cannot completely replace humans. See: The future of work.

Stephen Normandin, a 63-year veteran, is responsible for delivering packages for Amazon in Phoenix, AZ. But one day the performance tracking algorithm rated him as underperforming and decided to fire him. He’s asking the question about things he has no control over during labor: traffic jams, locked apartment buildings in the morning…

But it’s a common process for anyone trying to file a complaint and getting stuck with a chatbot responding to a service saying “Complaint under investigation”. Eventually, he used his allowance to start a small engine repair business.

When some users interacted with the switchboard, the chatbot prompted them to enter information into the system. After that, however, the employees have to wait to confirm the entered data, since the operator does not trust the information reported by the chatbot.

“We’re at the bottom,” said Stephen Broadhurst, who built IBM’s Watson supercomputer and used the robots on 10 projects.

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock once praised the chatbot used in the National Health Support app but has repeatedly criticized it for giving doctors wrong advice and failing to diagnose serious problems like heart attacks.

A French telemedicine company is testing an AI chatbot that simulates a suicidal patient. Instead of trying to stop the patient, the chatbot replied, “I can help you with that.”

“Don’t expect miracles. Well-designed chatbots can quickly segment customers, which is very important for small businesses that don’t have the capacity to implement a call center. But that is not the case. That will only happen if companies find ways to use technology to overcome limitations,” said a director with experience implementing chatbots.

Broadhurst agrees that many companies are in a hurry to implement new technology into customer service processes, but it’s like painting a broken house.

The concept of chatbots originated in the 1960s when the Eliza computer program was developed to simulate the experience of speaking to a psychotherapist. Eliza is considered the world’s first chatbot, albeit not as flexible as current software. It works with natural language insights, responding to specific keywords and providing the right conversation to the user.

After 60 years, the world is flooded with all kinds of AI chatbots, but the technology is still incomplete, constantly causing controversy and concern. In the world of technology, user expectations are much higher than what the technology can actually achieve, and often when a chatbot fails, the problems are severe.

A recent report examined nine ways UK customer service users interact with banks, retailers, services and travel agents. They understand that society has not yet accepted new technologies. Most technologies are evaluated positively and neutrally. The only thing that got negative reviews was the AI-powered chatbot experience.

Previously, some Twitter users shared how they can reduce the wait time to connect with real people by calling help centers instead of talking to chatbots. They thought waiting times would be reduced if the operator could swear and yell at pre-recorded messages during transmission. In fact, this method is not effective, but it shows the user’s “powerlessness” when he has to interact with the robot.

“It’s a vicious circle. Businesses are under a lot of pressure and need to use artificial intelligence to reduce the burden on people. Outsourced call centers often cannot escalate problems and are not informed. Business intelligence. AI will not improve this situation. If real people If you can’t help customers, don’t use AI,” Breadhurst said.

“Technology cannot replace human-to-human interaction, including sensitivity, confidentiality and matters that require real human decision-making,” said Joe Cawson, CEO of ICS.

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