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Trang chủ » Cards to fight Musk Twitter.

Cards to fight Musk Twitter.

Cards to fight Musk Twitter.

Cards to fight Musk Twitter.

The discovery comes in a $44 billion lawsuit in which former Twitter security chief Peter Zatko is suing the company for “lying to Elon Musk about bots.”

The Washington Post In its complaint with federal authorities, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Zatco accused the former company of dishonestly providing junk identification numbers. Automated bot among 238 million daily users. He also accused Twitter of dishonesty in shareholder reports.

Peter Zatko, Twitter's former chief security officer.  Photo: The Washington Post

Peter Zatko, Twitter’s former chief security officer. See: The Washington Post

In response to the above information, Musk wrote on Twitter: “The virtual account number was known to the board, but they did not share the real information with everyone.” Tesla’s CEO released a parody of the Pinocchio cartoon character “Give Me a Little Whistle” from the famous song from the movie “Always Let Your Conscience Guide You”.

In a court filing, Zatko said, “Twitter management has not attempted to identify or accurately estimate the number of spam messages on the platform. It is common for the company to deliberately ignore such reports.”

Zatco also claims that Twitter’s security systems are weak, leaving the company vulnerable to hacking and widespread power outages. During his time with the company, he had seen many times that laptop and server software was outdated and security was weak. Many company employees have access to internal data or even sensitive user data.

Alex Spiro, attorney for Musk in the lawsuit, said, “We asked the court to access Mr. Zatko’s information, and we received several other issues from his associates on Twitter.”

“The question now is whether the content presented is strong enough and believable enough to allow Zatco to win on Twitter. Everything depends on the evidence,” said Howard Fisher, a former advisor to the company. This was announced by the SEC.

Meanwhile, Chicago Law School professor of law and economics Anthony Casey said, “Zatk’s lawsuit against Twitter adds to Musk’s number of fake bots.” The South African-born billionaire has sources. “Closer and more accurate than Twitter,” however, Zatko alone may not be enough to sue the social network, he added.

“There are many reasons to look at these lawsuits,” said Robert Penza, an attorney with the Polsinelli law firm. But Mook must prove that Twitter intentionally included false information in its financial reports. And this information can seriously skew the business.

Stubbs Alderton & Markiles attorney Alexander Manglinong said Zatko’s appearance could distract Musk from believing he won the card to fight Twitter. “That could make Musk careless,” Mangling said.

Some recent sources The Washington Post Twitter says it is redacting some internal documents about spam tags. In addition, the company representatives intentionally prepared some documents to hide the real number that was mentioned in the meetings. If true, Musk will have a major advantage in this $44 billion lawsuit.

Peter Zatko is a pioneer in the field of security. He is also a popular personality in the software industry. However, during his tenure on Twitter, he has repeatedly sparked controversy by clashing with executives. Although Zatko is the head of security, he is not directly responsible for removing bots.

The $44 billion trial between Elon Musk and Twitter is scheduled for October 17 in a Delaware court. Both sides have submitted multiple petitions to the court against celebrities and tech companies. One of the witnesses the court sent to testify was former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a longtime friend of Musk.

Kung Nha (Consequences The Washington Post)

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