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Trang chủ » Vietnamese are lining up to buy the iPhone 14.

Vietnamese are lining up to buy the iPhone 14.

Vietnamese are lining up to buy the iPhone 14.

Vietnamese are lining up to buy the iPhone 14.

Business circles and some Apple product lovers are planning to go to Singapore to buy the iPhone 14, although the phone has not yet been released.

“Currently, there are about 10 people on our team. As soon as Apple announces the sale time, we will book our plane tickets and stand in line to buy the next-gen iPhone,” Nguyen Lam, the company’s iPhone salesman, told Hoa Lam’s team plans to visit the Apple store in Singapore to return the iPhone as soon as possible.

According to this person, buying a device from an overseas Apple Store isn’t just about resale, it’s about reviving the feeling of owning an iPhone. For many years, every September, Mr. Lam and some of his friends have been visiting the Apple Store on Orchard Road to buy gadgets. “After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we both bought an iPhone 14 and decided to travel when we had the time,” he said.

With this consideration, the owner of this iPhone shop believes that there will be more queues to buy the iPhone 14 than in previous years. “People queuing will likely be in the thousands, as will iPhone X sales.”

Nguyen Lam (left) joins other Vietnamese to buy a 2019 iPhone.  Photo: NVCC

Nguyen Lam (far left) joins fellow Vietnamese to buy a 2019 iPhone. Photo: NVCC

Although not in the phone business, Anh Phung (Hanoi) is planning to go to Singapore to buy an iPhone. Pung said his main goal is to travel abroad after being unable to travel for three years due to Covid-19. “I chose Singapore to launch the new iPhone and to buy and resell iPhones to cover costs,” Fung said. After revealing that he sold the iPhone 14 to several groups, Puong said many stores contacted him and could charge a higher price if it was returned on the first day of sale.

Posts on some iPhone seller groups in Vietnam inviting each other to queue in Singapore or take pre-orders for the iPhone 14 have appeared sporadically since mid-August and have been increasing in recent days. . Accordingly, the iPhone 14 will appear on September 7th. The iPhone store is expected to go on sale in 10 days on September 16th.

Although mobile iPhones are becoming more popular and many sources confirm that the actual iPhone 14 will be launched soon in Vietnam, the original iPhone 14 is still expected to attract customers overseas and may fetch a higher price.

According to Mr. Lam, people who want to own the first iPhone in Vietnam are not very interested in the details of the product, they just need to know that it is a new iPhone. “That’s why we want to stand in line even if the product isn’t released. In fact, there are customers who have agreed to pay me 50 million dong for an iPhone on day one.”

However, this person said that the iPhone 14 wearable only needs to be dragged for the first few days. After that, most shops, and buyers too, expect original machines when supply is plentiful.

The last time Vietnamese people like Lam and Phuong queued up to buy an iPhone was in 2019. In September, Apple launched the iPhone 11. Back then, many people said they had to wait more than 30 hours to buy a new iPhone. As Apple’s warranty policies in Vietnam become more stringent, in order to sell an iPhone at a premium price, the seller must not only bring home the “original” device, but also have sufficient proof of purchase. If you bring them back to the country on the same day, each iPhone can be sold about 7-8 million. VND price difference.

Vietnam is currently not the most important market for Apple and does not have an Apple Store. However, the company is increasing its domestic distribution through authorized stores of APR, AAR and Mono Store. According to some sources, the original iPhone 14 can only be sold out in Vietnam in 1-2 weeks compared to big markets like USA, Japan, Singapore…

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