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Trang chủ » “Vietnam is a strategic market for the digital economy”.

“Vietnam is a strategic market for the digital economy”.

"Vietnam is a strategic market for the digital economy".

“Vietnam is a strategic market for the digital economy”.

Mr. Peter Jan de Crone, CEO of Intravision Media Donuts, said that digital advertising is growing rapidly in Vietnam and the region has great potential.

According to Peter Jan de Crone, Vietnam’s economy is dynamic and growing rapidly. This is proven by the growth rate of the advertising industry, especially digital. According to Statista, total advertising spending in Vietnam will reach USD 887 million in 2021. We are socially digital in Vietnam 2021 Statistics show that total digital ad spend is set to increase by 9.2% in 2020 to reach 290 million in 2021. US dollars despite Covid-19.

He said Vietnam will continue to be the leading market in terms of market spending and growth in the region. Vietnamese advertisers are always willing to learn and experience different advertising platforms to gain a competitive edge. This has contributed significantly to this development.

Entravision MediaDonuts’ business is built on three pillars: Social Media, Commerce Media and Mobile App Performance.

Social networks continue to dominate the majority of internet users’ time online and therefore consume the majority of digital advertising spend. Entravision MediaDonuts partners with Twitter and TikTok in Vietnam. It has a team of experts running each platform and providing vital support to Vietnamese advertisers and agencies. The HR team helps them launch successful campaigns domestically and internationally with platform best practices.

Second, advertising in the commercial media market is growing rapidly with the development of e-commerce. The division is able to offer exclusive products through its partnership with Cho Tot (Carousel Media Group), the world’s largest online business media platform, one of the business platforms and the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and MoMos. e-wallet. This cross-platform integration enables brands to create sophisticated media strategies that deliver higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV).

Over the years we have developed performance advertising solutions for mobile apps. The company helps app developers to increase the number of installations by facilitating real app interactions through in-game purchases, account openings or online sales.

“We have had great success working with fintech, gaming, e-commerce and education companies, helping them grow their user base and revenue,” says Peter Jan de Kroon.

In the near future, the company will continue to invest in these three directions to expand product delivery options and build capacity.

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Mr. Peter Jan de Crone is optimistic about the domestic market. See: Featured Characters

He expressed his excitement about Vietnam’s potential as a hardware store where brands are open to testing new advertising platforms and strategies. However, using new communication channels effectively is not a simple matter. Therefore, one of the main tasks of Entravision MediaDonuts is to provide clients and their agencies with enough knowledge and information to use the most effective methods of these platforms. The ultimate goal is to deliver high-performing campaigns that deliver real business results.

The staff consists of more than 20 advertising professionals with extensive industry experience in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In the near future, the company plans to launch the Entravision MediaDonuts Academy (EM Academy) in Vietnam. The video learning platform includes topics based on the three business pillars mentioned above.

“Vietnam is a dynamic, fast-growing economy, so it will continue to be the primary market for Entravision Mediadonuts. We are committed to providing high level advertising solutions to achieve business results. A real deal for advertisers,” emphasized the director.

To this end, the company will continue to invest in its product offering, expanding its mobile application and increasing its collaboration with commercial media and social media platforms.

The company’s managers are optimistic about the possibilities of social business and direct marketing. The division promotes products in this area to offer advertisers a complete solution.

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