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Trang chủ » Various news from the father of the Huawei princess

Various news from the father of the Huawei princess

Various news from the father of the Huawei princess

Various news from the father of the Huawei princess

Mr. Nam Chin Pee said Huawei has been forced to select employees to meet challenges, while Ms. Man Van Choo confirmed the company continues to invest in talent.

On September 2, Huawei Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the group’s founder Nham Chinh Phi, made a rare public speech at Dujun No. 1 Middle School in Guizhou Province, China. That’s the old school of Mrs. Mann and her father.

“Huawei has persevered in the face of unprecedented challenges. It has been a very difficult journey with twists and turns,” she summed up the current status of the company without further elaboration. She affirmed, “The main problem in solving all problems can be summed up in two words: ‘talent’. We are always open to talent.”

Huawei’s CFO said the company continues to offer benefits to employees by building more cafeterias and libraries. The company deals with many other issues related to the lives of employees. “The future is not created by saving. It is created by constant investment and hard work,” said M.

Ms. Manh Van Chau spoke at Dujun No. 2 on September 2.  1 high school.  Photo: Trung Duyun #1

Ms. Manh Vanchu during a speech Duyun No. 1 September 2 at school. See: Dujuna School No. 1

follow up SCMP, Huawei’s CFO’s announcement contradicts the spirit of Mr. Nam Chin Pee’s internal memo late last month. Facing a bleak economic future over the next 10 years, Huawei’s founder urged employees to focus on the company’s survival and abandon illusions. He also emphasized fair labor, performance appraisal and corporate finance. One of the main points is to encourage people to compete for the company’s survival and revenue. This differs from the staff’s optimistic view, which his daughter just shared.

Meng was last seen in public leading Huawei in 2021. Financial results report at company headquarters. At the time, Huawei’s CFO expressed a strong feeling that “the company’s ability to deal with uncertainty is increasing.”

Princess Huawei returned home last September after spending three years under house arrest in Canada. She serves as CFO and interim chairman of Huawei. It is still unclear whether Ms. Meng will succeed her now 77-year-old father at the helm of the company.

Huawei has again set a goal for 2020. To become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. However, this failed dream was forced to halt production of smartphones and devices when the US tightened sanctions. telecommunications network.

In 2022, the company constantly faces problems from several quarters. Revenue fell 5.9 percent year-on-year to $44.7 billion. The company’s total revenue is $92 billion in 2021, down 29% year-on-year. This is Huawei’s worst annual result ever. To date, the company has taken various initiatives to expand and expand its operations to counter US trade sanctions.

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