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Trang chủ » Users get angry on Facebook, Instagram.

Users get angry on Facebook, Instagram.

Users get angry on Facebook, Instagram.

Users get angry on Facebook, Instagram.

On a late July afternoon, dozens of people gathered outside Meta’s New York office to protest CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the company’s changes.

follow up Business InsiderThese people held banners that said, “We want to publish like the old days” or a picture of Zuckerberg. The goal of the group is to urge Meta to stop adjusting censorship policies on the platform, especially Instagram. Others said they were fed up with the social network constantly changing to the detriment of users and also copying features from TikTok.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Photo: Reuters

Check out Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Reuters

Currently, Meta focuses on Reels, which has similar features to TikTok and is available on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. They changed the algorithm to show more videos in the feed, even from strangers, if the content matches the user’s habits and preferences. Before that, videos were mostly from friends or followers.

Many social media users complain that every time they visit Facebook or Instagram, they are “inundated” with real content from accounts they don’t follow or view. However, Meta said they are still improving the algorithm and that the user experience is “only a few percent”.

Earlier this year, several travel influencers (KOLs) reported a 30-50% drop in engagement and audience reach. “I feel like I have to relearn everything from scratch to keep up with the changes on Instagram,” says Chris Howe, a Canadian travel photographer with over half a million followers.

Tati Bruing, a photographer with more than 321,000 followers on Instagram, started an online “Reinvent Instagram” petition on social media earlier this week, urging Meta to stop copying TikTok. The petition received more than 200,000 signatures in five days.

The outrage continued to spread after the Kardashian sisters shared the content. Jenner and Kim Kardashian are currently the most influential people on the social network with 361 million and 326 million followers respectively.

Instagram CEO Adam Moseri later confirmed that he was “listening to users’ concerns.” However, the person continued to emphasize that the company intends to move forward with the current plans and focus more on video content. “There’s a lot going on. We’re trying a lot of different changes to the program,” Mosseri said.

Marketing firm Maverick Statistics is based on 81 million Instagram posts in 2019. From January to February 2022, the record number of visitors fell by up to 44%. This problem was very strong when Instagram was in 2021. Originally introduced by Reels.

In the year after reporting its second quarter of 2022 on July 27, Meta said the company had posted its first revenue loss in ten years. $28.82 billionAt the same time, it is 1 percent less than last year. Meanwhile, active users grew 1 percent month-on-month to 2.93 billion.

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