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Updates for the Vivo X series

Updates for the Vivo X series

Vivo focuses on improving core segment technology to improve mobile photography experience, work and entertainment functions.

X50 series with built-in anti-vibration gimbal

Fulfilling the increasingly popular demands for video recording, the Vivo X50 caused quite a stir when it was launched in 2020. July. Thanks to the integrated gimbal (physical anti-shake protection). The device offers 5-axis VIS stabilization for videos, reducing stuttering during photography. The phone has three built-in microphones for sound filtering and amplification.

This technology enables images with great clarity and detail, even when shooting with your non-dominant hand, shooting in motion, or zooming up to 60x. The X50 Pro supports DCI-P3 and HDR10/HDR 10+ color gamut for smooth viewing. The product combines 90Hz screen refresh technology and 180Hz touch sampling rate to create a high-quality video experience.

The X50 Pro is one of the phones with built-in gimbal.  Photo: Vivo

The X50 Pro is one of the phones with built-in gimbal. See: I’ve lived

X60 Pro opens strategic partnership with Zeiss.

2021 will also see a new collaboration between Ziss and Vivo with the launch of the X60 Pro. The two new lens processing units on the rear camera are inspired by the Contax Biotar lens, which improves image quality.

Besides using Zeiss lenses, the X60 Pro also has a ton of shooting technology: Super Anti-Shake Gimbal Camera 2.0, Zeiss Biotar rotating bokeh portraits, pixel shift pixel integration and more. The camera cluster is powered by AI to recognize and perform the right color correction in different situations. These enhancements improve image quality, brightness, and color.

The X60 Pro is the first collaboration with Zeiss.  Photo: Vivo

The X60 Pro is the first collaboration with Zeiss. See: I’ve lived

The X70 Pro takes photography to a new level

The X60 Pro series, the X70 Pro continues the pairing with the Zeiss. The new flagship has a number of valuable camera upgrades aimed at images that are close to mechanical quality. Shooting performance is enhanced by Gimbal 3.0 stabilization technology coupled with Sony IMX766V sensor.

The X70 Pro version brings many changes in looks, especially in camera performance. The lenses incorporate the latest imaging algorithms for an intuitive shooting experience. On the rear, the X70 Pro has a 4-camera array with a 50-megapixel main lens. The back of the glass is covered with a metal AG coating that creates a comfortable grip, limits sweaty fingerprints and increases the luxury of the product.

DxOMark gave the X70 Pro a score of 131, making it the leader in the high-end camera segment.

The X70 Pro has a top-notch camera rating.  Photo: Vivo

The X70 Pro has a top-notch camera rating. See: I’ve lived

The X80 series meets the demands of cinema.

The X Series has launched a new product that aims to bring cinema to the mobile frame. The X80 Series offers best-in-class night vision with a Ziss T* coated camera array that improves light transmission and reduces glare.

Updated X80 series camera unit.  Photo: Vivo

Updated X80 series camera unit. See: I’ve lived

The X80 Series features Zeiss Natural Color with AI Perception Smart technology first seen in the X Series. This feature allows the device to smoothly control color or brightness changes during recording. The update contributes better brightness control for better, more refined and more natural shots.

Together, Vivo and Zeiss are committed to providing consumers with a better experience and preserving memories with vibrant, high-quality photos and videos.

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