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Update Series to LG UHD TV

Update Series to LG UHD TV

Update Series to LG UHD TV

LG has introduced a new series of UHD TVs with a wide range of video technologies and smart features to meet a variety of entertainment needs at an affordable price.

In order to reproduce picture and sound as realistically as possible, the television needs a special video processor. The role of this processor is very important in analyzing what the user sees so that appropriate changes can be made. In 2022, LG integrated the latest generation α5 Gen 5 processor with artificial intelligence and various technologies to improve picture quality on UHD TVs.

In particular, 4K AI upscaling technology is used to increase the brightness of the input signal. HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping and HDR10 Pro enhance color and contrast to bring out details, while AI Brightness analyzes the ambient light and adjusts brightness accordingly. The latest UHD TVs also use artificial intelligence to process the sound. AI Sound and AI Acoustic Tuning analyze space to optimize live sound and create cinematic sound effects.

Detailed, crisp images on next-generation TVs.  Photo: LG

Detailed, crisp images on next-generation TVs. See: LG

Thanks to the α5 Gen 5 processor and the above technologies, the LG UHD TV 2022 has superior image processing capabilities that enhance personalization to cater to a variety of content and preferences of family members. Family.

For movie enthusiasts, the LG comes with a Filmmaker mode that automatically adjusts images to the director’s liking, allowing users to enjoy cinematic works. When it comes to audio, ClipVoice Pro technology removes background noise to make conversations clearer and get the story’s message across without anything happening. In combination with the ultra-flat screen frame, UHD TV 2022 offers a feeling of immersion in every film.

The product has multiple compatibility modes depending on the content.  Photo: LG

The product has multiple compatibility modes depending on the content. See: LG

Aside from movies, another popular entertainment on TV is games. The two most important factors for gamers are graphics quality and response speed, which are achieved by HGiG and ALLM, respectively. HGiG creates an HDR effect that enhances the rhythm and character of the game by adding graphic details. At the same time, ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) reduces input lag to offer gamers the best performance.

The tool comes with Game Optimizer, a unique game optimization tool with various customization options. This technology adapts the settings to all game genres such as FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Roleplaying Game) or RTS (Tactics) to maximize the experience.

Game optimizer on TV with many customizations.  Photo: LG

Game optimizer on TV with many customizations. See: LG

The WebOS operating system on LG TVs is highly appreciated by users because it offers many advanced features, but the interface is still intuitive and easy to use. This year, the experience continues to be enhanced by modern technologies that demand ease of use and convenience.

My Profile is a new feature that offers a personalized entertainment experience. Each family member has a separate account with a home screen, watch history, and apps tailored to each person’s preferences.

LG UHD TV 2022 offers movies, entertainment, news or programs that users want. The rich WebOS App Store offers attractive apps on all platforms.

This TV model works well with other modern devices. With Home Dashboard, users never have to leave their chair and still manage their home and LG ThinQ ecosystem devices. AirPlay 2 and Screen Share, meanwhile, make it easy to stream and share content from mobile devices to your TV.

The TV can easily be connected to many other devices.  Photo: LG

The TV can easily be connected to many other devices. See: LG

By integrating multiple features, the LG UHD TV 2022 further enhances the user experience. The most famous of these is the Magic Remote Control, which allows users to quickly touch any part of the interface with a computer mouse to easily operate the TV and access their favorite content. Users can connect the device with multiple virtual assistants such as LG Voice Search, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa…

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