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Trang chủ » Two extremes to learn Tik Tok trends

Two extremes to learn Tik Tok trends

Two extremes to learn Tik Tok trends

Two extremes to learn Tik Tok trends

While some people have the same trend on TikTok, some feel tired, obsessed with perfectionism, while others are more optimistic.

Americans Dynasty DeGoville and Samantha Blau try to live life to the fullest while #ThatGirl encourages women to be “the girl” on TikTok. Both wake up at 5am. Exercise every morning, journal, meditate, eat certain foods, and wear gym clothes.

The hashtag #ThatGirl, which has racked up more than 6 billion views on TikTok, is one of the few pieces of online content that encourages users to make real-life changes. They can help many people adopt a healthy lifestyle, learn new skills, but also help others feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and even create an unattainable level of beauty and wealth.

Some people are tired of #thatgirl, but many people are inspired by this trend.  Photo: WSJ

Some people are tired of #thatgirl, but many people are inspired by this trend. See: WSJ

#ThatGirl has been criticized for being insensitive to differences in body shape, race and income, with many posts featuring white women who appear thin and wealthy. This trend goes to different extremes to improve the lifestyle of the participants.

He is tired

Earlier this year, Dynasty DeGoville, 22, found a series of #ThatGirl videos flooding her followers’ accounts with ways to improve their lives.

After graduating from college in May, DeGoville began comparing his life to TikTok. She had to find new ways to pass her time outside of work when there were no chores left to do throughout the day. “That’s when I started training myself to be her role model,” she says.

Instagram also has a desirable lifestyle, but the posts only show a fraction of the reality of the poster. “TikTok users find videos on the platform more authentic and trustworthy,” said Jane Charnesky, founder of consumer research firm FrontRow Insights and Strategy.

However, TikTok’s algorithm can suck users into a black hole of content. “Viewers think everyone should exist as content on the internet and ask why not,” said Christian Montag, a professor at Ulm University in Germany.

The creators of #ThatGirl suggest waking up an hour and a half before work to journal, sip juice and follow a 7-step skincare routine. You are encouraged to hit the gym after work and work out as hard as you can. They are also advised to eat a healthy diet, read books and meditate before bed.

“There are days when I can fit into that schedule, but it’s exhausting. There’s no way people can keep up with that,” DeGoville says of the pressures of being #ThatGirl despite battling deadlines. There is no. At the beginning of August, she stopped following the trend, left her everyday life and felt that life has been easier since then.

While well-intentioned, this trend creates competition over time that physically and mentally exhausts participants. Pushing yourself to do perfect things to look beautiful can lead to anxiety, self-loathing, and self-loathing in many young girls.

Not only #ThatGirl, TikTok uses video filters to give users the illusion of perfect beauty with big eyes, a high nose, white skin… According to Dr. Jasmine Farduli from the University of New South Wales, the standards of youth and beauty are not met, many people are satisfied with the application and gradually realizing the reality, do not accept them.

Late last year, TikTok said it wanted to diversify its recommendation system to prevent users from seeing the same content over and over again. Cormac Keenan, Tik Tok’s security chief, said the company is working to reduce the frequency of recommended health-related content, such as exercise and diet. A company spokesman confirmed that TikTok will begin filtering certain hashtags in the coming weeks.


Samantha Blau, 19, sees a lot of health and lifestyle on TikTok. Rather than looking at it as a general guide, she sees the videos as inspiration for making small changes in her daily lifestyle.

Blau’s approach is to find out what the life of a #ThatGirl model is like now. She already has a blog and just starts writing every day. After implementing #ThatGirl’s tips, Blue feels successful and improving every day. Blue encourages them to socialize more, spend more time, and prioritize the things that make them happy.

Blue has tried waking up early, going to the gym, and blogging, but it just doesn’t work for her. She switched to night practice and avoided uncomfortable habits like meditation.

“I watch these videos to see what I can learn, but I keep the same things I love every day,” says Blau.

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