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Trang chủ » Twitter is rocking after a former employee’s lawsuit.

Twitter is rocking after a former employee’s lawsuit.

Twitter is rocking after a former employee's lawsuit.

Twitter is rocking after a former employee’s lawsuit.

Twitter has come under scrutiny from US lawmakers and its share price has plummeted following shocking revelations from former security chief Peter Zatko.

Zatco said last week that the legacy company had multiple security and privacy vulnerabilities that put consumers, investors, and even US national security at risk. They also accused Twitter management and the company’s board of directors of misleading them about their troubles.

Zatko then criticized Zatko on Twitter, calling the company “fake” and full of flaws. A Twitter spokesman said Zatko was fired earlier this year for “ineffective leadership and poor performance.”

Peter Zatko's revelations are taking Twitter by storm.  Photo: CNN

Peter Zatko’s revelations are taking Twitter by storm. See: CNN

The reaction of US lawmakers and security experts to the Zatco allegations will have long-term consequences for Twitter. The social network is ending concerns from shareholders, employees and advertisers over its deal with billionaire Elon Musk.

Management launched a thorough investigation

A day after US media reported the allegations, the US Senate Judiciary Committee announced it would hold a hearing to discuss Zatko’s allegations on Twitter. The event is scheduled to take place on September 13, at the same time that Twitter shareholders will vote on Elon Musk’s $44 billion. Find a social network that costs USD.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee said: “Mr. Zatko’s disclosures about the extensive security vulnerabilities and outside interference on Twitter are a cause for serious concern. If these claims are true, these allegations could pose a significant security risk to the security and privacy of Twitter users around the world. Chairman Dec. Durbin and Committee Minority Representative Chuck Grassley.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee is also reviewing the documents submitted by Zatko and stands ready to discuss the matter. US Senate Consumer Protection Subcommittee Chairman Richard Blumenthal has sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging the agency to investigate and punish Twitter executives if they are found to be victims are.

A member of the US House of Representatives’ National Security Committee has sent Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal a letter urging him to explain Zatco’s allegations and preparations for the midterm elections later this year.

The Irish Data Protection Commission, Twitter’s main regulator in Europe, also announced an investigation into the former director’s allegations.

Influence on the Twitter case – Musk

Zatko’s allegations could have major implications for Elon Musk’s ongoing legal battle with Twitter. But in recent days, Tesla’s CEO has been silent.

Meanwhile, the American billionaire’s lawyers said they were looking for the former Twitter security chief. Attorney Alex Spiro said Musk’s legal team asked Zatko to call him before the information was released.

During the Aug. 24 trial, attorney Spyro Zatko repeatedly stressed that his team doesn’t believe Twitter’s statistics on the number of bot accounts and the number of users monetized daily. “They have an economic incentive to mislead investors. Cases of former employees have been published, suggesting that false information was provided,” said S. Spiro.

Zatko said Twitter does not have accurate data on fake accounts and bots, and the company has no incentive to fully register such accounts. He insists the lawsuit has nothing to do with Musk’s business as he has no personal relationship with the American billionaire.

Musk’s lawyers could use the information to support their argument that Twitter abuses fake accounts on its platform. They could sue Twitter for misleading the Federal Trade Commission and the US Securities and Exchange Commission about its security and privacy practices. These factors may have helped Musk walk away from the deal.

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Twitter officials have repeatedly denied the allegations in an attempt to stem the storm that has gripped the company. CEO Agrawal sent an internal memo to employees earlier this week, dismissing Zatcon’s allegations and reassuring subordinates.

The situation was mentioned repeatedly at the company-wide meeting held last week. CEO Agrawal says Zatco’s “conflicting data” calls into question the integrity of the company, while General Counsel Sean Edgett is working with regulators and regulators around the world.

On August 25, Twitter announced it would increase transparency by merging teams to prevent malicious content and deal with spam and bots. The representative of this forum did not answer the questions CNN Whether the step is related to Zatko’s allegations.

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