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Trang chủ » Tim Cook: “Steve Jobs loved Apple now.”

Tim Cook: “Steve Jobs loved Apple now.”

Tim Cook: "Steve Jobs loved Apple now."

Tim Cook: “Steve Jobs loved Apple now.”

CEO Tim Cook said if Steve Jobs were still alive, he would be happy with Apple’s growth trajectory.

A conversation with Famous mechanics August 26: “Do you think Steve Jobs would be happy at Apple today?” When asked, Tim Cook replied, “I think you’re going to find the things you love about Apple today.”

In Jobs’ practice, he thinks he’ll get a boost. “We’re always doing better,” he told me. We’re never satisfied with what we have because we’re always working for tomorrow,” Cook said.

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According to Apple’s CEO, he thinks of Steve Jobs every day. “I miss him so much. He still comes into my office when I’m gone and I still hear him, we exchange information about what happened that day and we talk about it, about the future,” says Cook.

He says the memorial is an inspiration to help him better navigate Apple’s boat. “We have always strived to fulfill our mission of creating great products that enrich the lives of people around the world. However, the mission remains the same. A lot of things change over time.”

Since Steve Jobs died in October 2011, Cook has repeatedly mentioned the legacy left behind by the late Apple CEO. However, many people feel that these product lines go against that heritage. For example, Jobs believes that 3.5 inches is the best size for smartphones and that “nobody uses phones with big screens.” However, most iPhones are larger than 5 inches. Jobs also hated the pen, but Cook introduced it to the iPad in 2015.

In addition to mentioning Jobs, Cook shared Apple’s vision. According to him, the company’s biggest contribution in the near future will be in the field of medicine. “We will start with healthcare. In the beginning Apple Watch was just a heart rate monitor, now it has many functions, it serves many users. If you look back one day, what is Apple’s greatest contribution? I will Answer: It is health.

The Apple board highlighted significant advances in the computer chip division. “It’s a completely different product now than it was before,” Mac says, because it contains the M-chip, one of the largest computer chips in the world.

As for privacy, Cook says it’s “one of the biggest issues of our time.” The US should pass a federal privacy law that would allow anyone to have information, he said. “Consumers should be free to choose whether to view, store or sell their data. That should be their decision, not someone else’s,” he said.

Cook also said the company is gradually implementing a plan to produce green devices. “Our long-term goal is not to take anything from the earth to make a product.”

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