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Trang chủ » The solution to deliver goods through smart cabinets

The solution to deliver goods through smart cabinets

The solution to deliver goods through smart cabinets

The solution to deliver goods through smart cabinets

HanoiOnebox receives items from the sender and stores them in pre-selected lockers, helping users save time in homes and office buildings.

To use the Smart Locker delivery model, the sender logs into the OnBox application, fills in the recipient’s information and orders the information according to the instructions. The system will send an OTP code to the phone to fill the lock screen and unlock the selected blank section.

Similar to the receiver, an OTP code is sent to the phone once the items are in the locker. When needed, users enter a code on the lock screen to unlock and unlock.

Request to receive goods from the sender

Smart lock system in buildings. See: A box

Users can interact with the Onebox Smart Locker System via a mobile app and an LCD touchscreen on the locker screen. According to the spokesman for the department, this function makes sending to the recipient more convenient and easier. Intuitive display, simple operation steps.

Request to receive goods from sender - 1

Users can work on the phone and on the product cabinet screen. See: A box

Each cabin is equipped with a 24/7 security camera system to ensure the safety of goods and consumers. According to Lan Fung (HCMC), OneBox is the perfect reception solution for their office work.

“The carrier only has to place the items in the selected drawer. I can always pick up the items with more active time,” Pung said.

The department representative hopes that this application will make the trucking experience more convenient, easier and time-saving.

“I believe that this decision will be accepted by many exporters and buyers in the near future,” the spokesman said.

Request to receive goods from the sender - 2

Modern cabin, constant surveillance during the day. See: A box

Mina Hodges

Onebox is a product delivery and storage solution that uses a state-of-the-art locking system researched and developed by Onebox Express Company. The device is constantly striving to improve itself to make the user experience even better. Readers can learn more about website or fan pageTelephone line 18006584.

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