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Trang chủ » The history of Viettel solutions and smart city development

The history of Viettel solutions and smart city development

The history of Viettel solutions and smart city development

The history of Viettel solutions and smart city development

According to Nguyen Ngoc Linh, deputy general manager of Viettel Solutions, the unit is like a “seam” to create an intelligent model for Haw City.

In 2019, when construction of the Thua Thien Hue Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) started, Vietnam had neither a successful operations center model nor a widely successful smart city as a point of reference. Globally, however, conditions in these countries are very different from Vietnam and Thua Tien Hui.

Ngoc Linh said: “We came to Tua Tien Hue as an opportunity. The city doesn’t have much financial capacity, but it makes a big difference in building modern cities and digital transformation. For us, Hue is well enough Surface Scale to create a digital transform point model.

Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Deputy CEO of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation (Viettel Solutions), spoke at the seminar

Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Deputy General Manager of Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation (Viettel Solutions spoke at the IOC Thua Thien Hue Three Year Implementation seminar, August 3. Photo: Le Hui

According to the deputy general, many problems had to be overcome when construction of the unit’s model began. Fortunately, the Thua Thien Hue district leaders are people of vision, blood and technological know-how who are ready to accompany Viettel Solutions in its digital transformation. Linh emphasized that this is not a question of investment money or technology, but the key to successfully implementing a digital transformation model.

Vital Solutions consulted with the Ministry of Information and Communications and sought advice from external companies in the development of How City’s intelligent model. However, the company must “adjust” many unique environmental characteristics to better fit. For this reason, the city rejects the purchase of foreign smart city models and chooses Viettel as a partner.

Hue in particular, a peaceful ancient capital, is a tourist attraction that combines many unique characteristics. Therefore, when installing a camera system, the department should study the location and ensure that it fits into the overall plan of the area and ensures the beauty of the city. Each problem is defined to determine the most appropriate IOC model for a quick resolution.

The model focuses on serving people. Therefore, Hue-S is the most important solution to serve people. With these problems and solutions, the Thua Thien Hue IOC model was awarded “Most Innovative Smart City in Asia” at the Telecom Asia Awards 2019.

After some time, the Hue S smart city application will be called “Hue mec” by users – it informs the authorities about good information and bad places. People can report issues like traffic violations and environmental issues to Hue-S directly on the spot and get a quick response from the authorities to resolve these complaints. The app supports payment of various taxes and easy use of online public services.

“Hue-S has now become what people eat and drink every day. We also see it as an affirmation of the voice between humans and technology,” said Nguyen Ngoc Linh.

When it comes to smart city architecture, Vitel Solutions chooses open source technology for proactive, flexible and fast deployment in different environments.

The IOC function implemented by Viettel Solutions is to display and display information according to the needs of each user. For example, an IOC may display individual information for each manager based on their assigned duties, rather than disseminating information to that manager. IOC helps managers get actionable support and alert information.

More and more automated data analysis processes. For example, the camera uses artificial intelligence to analyze images to detect errors, reduce labor and increase efficiency. Analyze company managers, this solution helps to personalize the information for each citizen to get the most needed information.

Professionals working at IOC Thua Thien Hue.

Professionals working at IOC Thua Thien Hue. See: Le Hui

Based on this fact, Viettel Solutions implements a digital transformation process for departments where it is necessary to solve the most practical problem in each area. Mr. Linh pointed out that information technology products are not easy to recognize, so Viettel Solutions can only develop test services for local viewing. The most important thing is to shape the process with the environment to make it come alive.

When a system is implemented, it contributes only 30% of the result, but it is the user who brings the system to life to make it successful. It should also focus on propaganda so that people know, understand and willingly follow.

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