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Trang chủ » The controversial shooting robot dog

The controversial shooting robot dog

The controversial shooting robot dog

The controversial shooting robot dog

A video of a robot dog demonstrating its shooting skills has garnered millions of views on social media, worrying many.

“People years ago who laughed at the idea of ​​worrying about the future of robots should probably check out this video, it’s a real monster,” tweeted user Sean Chiplock, who posted a video of a machine gun-wielding robot dog . It can fire weapons with high accuracy. It’s not clear if this is happening automatically or remotely, but since it was posted on July 20, the video has quickly racked up more than 7.4 million views.

The controversial shooting robot dog

Dog robot shooting skills. Video: Sean Chiplok / Twitter

In the comments section, some comment that war technology has grown to a new level. “It is very bad when this technology is used for evil purposes. How about if you see them in a war you can kill innocent people with gunshots,” user Ligama Matt said on Twitter.

“Being able to shoot accurately, being able to steer a weapon backwards well, being able to move flexibly. It makes me shiver when I think about the future of the war,” commented Jackson’s report.

NYPost The original video was found to have been posted in Moscow in March by Alexander Atamov’s Facebook account. This man named the robot “Skynet”. According to his LinkedIn profile, Atamov is the founder of Hoversurf (Russia), a company focused on developing equipment for flying taxis in 2021. Trial production started in January.

follow up deputyThe robot dog featured in the video is not the same model as the Boston Dynamics spot version, although there are similar design details.

In the past, many experts have warned that robotic systems with military-looking AI technology could be misused in the future. Late last year, Professor Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that while other countries’ militaries have successfully developed deadly robots on the battlefield, sooner or later individuals and civilian organizations will find this weapon like no other. Weapons.

“In the hands of criminals like drug cartels, killer robots can be cheap and unstoppable tools to help them carry out assassinations,” Tegmark said. Governments must intervene now, before this mess happens.

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