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Trang chủ » Samsung washing machine has a door error

Samsung washing machine has a door error

Samsung washing machine has a door error

Samsung washing machine has a door error

KoreaSome Samsung washing machine users report that the machine’s door is open, broken and exploded, and the company will confirm and fix it for free.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for the malfunction and inconvenience caused by the recent failure of several Samsung Electronics washing machines to be properly liable,” Samsung Electronics said on its website.

We apologize following reports from Korean users that the washing machine ran unexpectedly last month. In On August 11, a man in Incheon injured his leg after entering a laundromat. According to the victim, the door of the car was shattered by the strong impact when boarding. “This man sustained minor injuries, but the sound of the explosion shocked his family for days,” he said. Korea Times he said.

Dirt from Samsung washing machine door.  Photo: Yonhap

Dirt from Samsung washing machine door. See: Yonhap

Some people on Korean social networking sites said they had a similar situation with Samsung electronic washing machines in the past when the door opened and smashed with a loud noise.

“Four months ago I bought a front loading washing machine from Samsung Electronics. The car’s glass door fell to the ground and shattered as he ran. Business Korea Named User. The website says the above issues have worried many users since the washing machine is a daily chore.

Consumer Protection Agency and Korea Technology and Standards Agency on August 17. Samsung sent a referral to sort out the issue. On August 18, Samsung Electronics confirmed the issues and said they were occurring on Bespoke Grande AI series washing machine models manufactured from 2021 onwards. September. May to 2022. Products will be repaired free of charge.

According to site stats Korea Jungang DailyA total of 106,173 Bespoke Grande AI products were produced, of which 91,488 were sold.

This product line is not currently sold in Vietnam.

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