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Trang chủ » Samsung teases iPhone 14

Samsung teases iPhone 14

Samsung teases iPhone 14

Samsung teases iPhone 14

In a video about the Galaxy Z Flip4 and S22 Ultra, Samsung says product innovation “isn’t possible on the new iPhone.”

Rather than just showing off the feature, Samsung kicked off the video with an image of an iPhone with the message: “Get ready for Apple’s latest event everyone needs to see.” The image switches to the foldable Galaxy Z Flip4 with the caption: “Not only look to the side.”

Samsung teases iPhone 14

Samsung’s video was released on September 2nd.

In the video, Samsung highlights the highlights of the smartphone, such as the 108-megapixel camera and the 100x space zoom functionality. In the meantime, the iPhone has only been “simulated” with 12 megapixels for many years.

In late July, the iPhone 14 was reported to have some camera sensor issues. According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Genius’ partner’s iPhone 14 sensor has broken through the outer layer. Genius can take up to two months to resolve the issue. To meet the product’s delivery schedule, Apple had to order another 10 million camera sensors from Taiwanese manufacturer Largan.

Samsung released the video less than a week after Apple’s September 7 remote event.

This video immediately received a lot of response from the community. Some people think that Samsung’s marketing tactics are very clever, but the image quality does not depend solely on the “points” of the camera, because it seems warm and blurry to users. Not to mention that not everyone likes a cluttered smartphone screen.

Meanwhile, many people believe that Apple should not mention any other mobile brand to promote its products.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has publicly mocked an American rival. In 2017, Samsung released a video mocking Apple for not having a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. In 2018, the Korean mobile company ran a series of ads centered around the iPhone X’s “brown screen” design. And they criticized the download speed. Galaxy S9 loser. The video angered many loyal iPhone users and sparked a lot of discussion.

By 2019, Samsung was quietly removing videos that mocked Apple. This year, the Galaxy Note 10 came with no headphone jack and just a USB-C port.

October 2021. Samsung continues to beat Apple by offering free wipes to 1,000 registered Samsung members. A few days ago, Apple sold screen cleaners for $19.

Back in March, Samsung inspired Apple products. When Apple released its green chip in the M1 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro, the Korean company said that Ultra and Green were its two characteristics. However, this tweet immediately received “Bricks” from the community. Many people point out that Apple released a green iMac in 1998 before Samsung introduced the color to the phone.

iPhone users think that Samsung only knows how to mock Apple, not to mention that they follow the “House of Apple” in many ways, from removing the 3.5mm jack to removing the charger from the phone case .

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