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Trang chủ » Meta green light for 18+ content

Meta green light for 18+ content

Meta green light for 18+ content

Meta green light for 18+ content

Horizon Worlds, a virtual universe meta-platform, is enabling adult content that the company previously banned outright.

Per the latest meta policy update on July 23rd, Horizon Worlds allows participants to post “adult” content. Before, Install VR He said he received emails from Meta asking some creators to mark their fantasy content as mature or suitable for all ages. Otherwise, the product will be labeled 18+.

Horizon Worlds Club view.  Photo: Meta

Horizon Worlds Club view. See: Meta

Per Horizon Worlds’ previous policy, this metaverse world prohibits sensitive content, prohibited material, and violent images. However, users can now view the above content if they know they are over the age of 18.

However, Horizon Worlds is still limited. For example, users can only view “non-sexually suggestive” content, such as semi-nude or artistic nudes, and cannot post pornographic images on the platform. Similar to stimulants, alcohol and beer can be seen in the background, but no drugs.

The new policy has many experts concerned that Horizon Worlds will miss its original goal of creating a “safe and friendly” metaversion environment for all. Even edge He believes that once adult content is allowed, previously controversial issues like harassment, blasphemy… will become more serious.

December 2021. Horizon Worlds is one of the key products serving the ambitions of the meta’s fantasy universe. Similar to platforms like Roblox or Minecraft, Horizon Worlds lets you create a custom virtual environment and then experience it as a legless avatar. Since February, the number of users of the platform has increased to 300,000. In April, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the platform would be testing a monetization feature.

In the virtual meta-universe, players can chat with each other, create and explore the world. However, some individuals have also reported being sexually harassed, abused or sexually assaulted on stage. Some experts say these incidents show that MetaVas will not be a safe place until companies figure out how to protect consumers.

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