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Meta Four “Pain”

Meta Four "Pain"

Meta Four “Pain”

Meta is struggling with many serious problems and despite being one of the most powerful companies in the world, it has no way out.

Shares in Facebook parent company Meta have fallen more than 50 percent over the past year. The company admitted in 2022 that sales and profits fell in the second quarter. CEO Mark Zuckerberg blamed the decline in internet ad spending for the downturn.

However, acc new york time, The main reason for Meta’s demise is four main issues the organization is facing that have not yet been fully resolved.

age of the user

Young people are now looking for new social networking platforms. They argue that Facebook is targeting the elderly, which severely limits users’ ability to build. Many young people use Instagram, one of Meta’s flagship products, but the social network is struggling to keep up with the competition.

Photo of the Meta booth at the Viva Technology conference in France in June: Reuters

Meta booth at the Viva Technology conference in France in June. Photo: Reuters

“TikTok completely surprises Instagram in terms of user base and cultural influence. Advertisers always want to be where there are lots of young people. Even though Meta is trying to copy most of TikTok’s features and cram them into its reels. Even so, unusual changes should suffer from user reactions.” New York time Opinion.

Kylie Jenner, who has 361 million followers on Instagram, last month called for a return to the core of the social network, sparking an anti-Instagram movement.

Creative creations

“Meta doesn’t seem to know how to create new and successful items.” Their core products like Instagram and WhatsApp and their most used features like Stories are all integrated in one place. Miscellaneous. “Facebook controls them by buying them or copying them directly,” commented American journalist Farhad Manjo.

It’s a far cry from Facebook’s first 10 years, when they completely revolutionized social media. A unique feature Facebook was developing at the time was the News Feed, which helped users avoid searching for their friends’ accounts. Facebook in 2010 Since going public in 2012, they’ve been innovating.


Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse, a world based on virtual reality (VR) technology, will be the future of the internet and will rebrand the company.

“It’s been almost a year since Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced efforts to promote Meta Universe, but there haven’t been many clear benefits. VR is still in a bind, and it’s unclear what traffic applications like Horizon Worlds are like,” Kevin said.

A user tests the Meta VR headset at the Viva Technology conference in France in June.  Photo: Reuters

A user tests the Meta VR headset at the Viva Technology conference in France in June. Photo: Reuters

Since its launch in 1989, Meta Horizon Worlds Virtual Universe has been criticized by users for having inferior graphics quality than the game itself. After days of community criticism, Zuckerberg had to say that Horizon Graphics was going to break. Better, and Horizon is working hard to fix the issues.

Meta claims to have sold more than 10 million VR headsets, showing that the number of users continues to grow. But it’s not clear if VR will have enough market demand like the social network before it.


Metha’s supporters have called on the US government to loosen its grip on the business, saying the company’s recent troubles show it’s not the dominant force many critics think it is.

Many believe that Metta is not dominant due to the strong integrationist stance of the administrations of former Presidents Donald Trump and US President Joe Biden.

“If Mark Zuckerberg can spend money on issues like buying Instagram in 2012, he certainly will. But regulators won’t let that happen. It’s amazing that Facebook is taking over. It’s been a market with anti-competitive practices for years now it’s creating a meta. To lose the advantage,” Kevin said.

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