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Trang chủ » Mediastep Vietnam supports companies in the transition to digital transformation.

Mediastep Vietnam supports companies in the transition to digital transformation.

Mediastep Vietnam supports companies in the transition to digital transformation.

Mediastep Vietnam supports companies in the transition to digital transformation.

Mediastep offers cross-industry email. Trade business solutions and support outsourcing through Alibaba to help companies in digital transformation.

Exhibitor solutions at the 26th Food & Beverage event from 11.-13. August. 350 companies with 400 stands from 18 countries and territories took part in the exhibition. Mediastep Software Vietnam Company will provide digital transformation solutions for all industries from online to offline business domestically and internationally through a series of seminars held at the company’s booth.

Company position attracts many companies.  Photo: Mediastep

Company position attracts many companies. See: interlude

By attending the Mediastep Software Vietnam event series, companies can gain in-depth knowledge of the digital transformation of the entire enterprise and advanced and efficient export.

Specifically, Mediastep offers three main solutions for businesses: GoSell, GoF&B, Export via Alibaba. Thanks to these solutions, the company has helped more than 15,000 companies to successfully go digital.

The first comprehensive business software is GoSell. This solution has enough business tools from Goweb e-commerce site; The GoApp application; Sales management at the GoPOS point of sale; Create a landing page to collect GoLead customer information; Tools to facilitate selling on Facebook and Zalo; Sales and customer service with GoCall Switchboard System. All-in-one management makes it easy to manage sales, reduce costs, and increase revenue without having to manage multiple separate departments on one platform.

During the development of the business, Mediastep received a lot of customer feedback regarding the need for a full digital transformation of F&B. For this reason, the division developed an industry-specific solution at the beginning of the year and presented it to the public for the first time at this event.

The GoF&B solution is an ecosystem that helps restaurant and beverage companies manage multi-channel, multi-branch operations offline on a single platform. The system enables synchronized management of raw materials, orders, products, employees and store partners. Marketing campaigns and customer service are integrated into the system.

Experts share solutions.  Photo: Mediastep

Experts share solutions. See: interlude

As one of the official partners of Alibaba, Mediastep offers its customers digital transformation solutions for export through the world’s largest B2B e-commerce platform. The section advises how to export successfully and attract many companies.

Tom Peng, CEO of Mediastep Software Vietnam, has seen steady growth in Vietnam over the past two years. Currently, the division has 7 branches and offices with over 300 employees to support the digital transformation of Vietnamese companies in domestic and international markets.

“We are expanding outside of Vietnam. This year, the company will go to Malaysia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. We are very excited about this opportunity, but I still believe in Vietnam. We will be at the forefront of e-commerce,” said Mr. Tom Peng.

Tom Peng spoke about the division's development plan.  Photo: Mediaste

Tom Peng spoke about the division’s development plan. See: mediaste

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