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Trang chủ » Mark Zuckerberg is slowly being isolated.

Mark Zuckerberg is slowly being isolated.

Mark Zuckerberg is slowly being isolated.

Mark Zuckerberg is slowly being isolated.

When key figures in the meta decide to quit or telecommute, Mark Zuckerberg is rarely around anymore.

Meta is one of the few technology companies that allows employees to work completely remotely. Directors can live where they want. At least three high-profile meta-characters have chosen to stay in London instead of the US.

Large statues of Mark Zuckerberg stand in front of the White House.  Photo: The Washington Post

In April 2018, several large statues of Mark Zuckerberg stood in front of the White House. See: The Washington Post

Most prominent among them is Nick Clegg, Meta’s President for International Affairs, who has returned to the UK. He says he travels frequently between the UK and US, but his primary residence is still in Europe.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is returning to the UK and will be flexible in other offices such as Hawaii and Cape Cod. Alex Schultz, Head of Meta Marketing, will be a regular contributor.

At first glance, London seems more attractive than California for mainstream meta players. But experts say the problem is growing, showing there is violence within the organization. Some have commented that meta directors are trying to “get rid of” Mark Zuckerberg, they don’t want to see the mounting pressure.

Zuckerberg was getting lonely

follow up edgeAt a meeting with employees in June, Zuckerberg reportedly reacted strongly when asked if the company would continue with the meta-days policy. Metta Days are compensatory holidays that Metta performs during the pandemic.

“Actually, there are probably a lot of people who shouldn’t be here,” the 38-year-old billionaire replied. At this point, the Meta staff asked no questions. But in an internal job posting, someone asked, “So who hired you?”

“When executives move to another country, it’s hard to tell their hearts are still in the Mello Park meta-headquarters. That may be true in the current situation, but is the constant demand to leave Zuckerberg still disconcerting?” , telegraph Opinion.

In addition to the decision not to work at headquarters, several other directors have also decided to resign. Late last year, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s CTO, resigned after 13 years of service. In the meantime, Alex Schulz’ predecessor Antonio Lucio has also left to become a consultant from 2020. Fiji Simo, the 36-year-old woman who runs the Facebook app, left the social network last year to launch grocery delivery app Instacart.

In early June, Sheryl Sandberg, the second-biggest person behind Zuckerberg, announced her departure from the company. Her rise comes as a surprise, but of course lately she’s been appearing less and less at the important meetings of the year. She reportedly received a letter of resignation.

Metaverse ambitions are affected

Observers believe his actions could result in Zuckerberg losing touch with employees. This has a strong impact on the future, especially on Metavas’ ambitions, as it is difficult to discuss ideas directly with peers when necessary, and virtual meeting technology is not sufficiently supported to fully communicate.

Zuckerberg’s company was described as “passionate” compared to the Metaverse concept. Second LifeIn the 2000s, commercial 3D virtual worlds emerged. At the time, companies like Coca-Cola and IBM were creating virtual gaming offices, hoping that this would be the future of the business. After 20 years, few people remember it.

The Metaverse could have a similar ending. Last year, Zuckerberg changed the company’s name from Facebook to Meta to get into the virtual universe. However, the company’s interest has gradually waned, and an official product expressing this desire is not yet on the market.

According to the latest financial results, Meta saw its first-quarter revenue fall due to falling ads, lost business and competition from TikTok. However, some experts say this is also due to the brain drain from above. Bloomberg The spate of bad news has prompted Zuckerberg to consider selling up to $10 billion worth of Facebook bonds for the first time. As time goes on, Zuckerberg may feel lonely in the way he left.

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