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Trang chủ » Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates his martial arts.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates his martial arts.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates his martial arts.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates his martial arts.

CEO Metta shared a video of himself demonstrating his mixed martial arts skills that drew a lot of attention, including from UFC Champion Conor McGregor.

On September 5, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a mixed martial arts (MMA) training video to his Instagram account. He said he practices with coach Kai Wu.

In the video, Zuckerberg demonstrated martial arts moves using props, headbutts, punches, kicks, taps…

Mark Zuckerberg shows off his boxing skills

Zuckerberg’s video showcases his MMA skills. Video: Mark Zuckerberg / Instagram.

The video quickly garnered over 300,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. Many celebrities admire Zuckerberg’s skills, including famous names at MMA Village.

“Mark, this is great,” commented McGregor, who has won two UFC titles.

“Train me to fight,” says MMA fighter Johnny Eblen.

Melinda Davenport, Head of Meta Communications, commented on the video: “I’m impressed. The headshots are great. I think you should give yourself a boxer nickname.”

“It’s amazing, the moves are so strong. You have a lot of qualities from Mark,” said legendary MC Joe Rogan.

Previously in the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience On August 25, Zuckerberg admitted he recently took up MMA alongside his hobby. “If there’s one subject that appeals not just physically but intellectually when you can’t focus on anything else, it’s MMA,” Zuckerberg said. “You lose concentration for a second and lie on the floor.”

After practice, Zuckerberg says he will start tackling the tasks. The pressure of running two social platforms with billions of users, Facebook and Instagram, is “like a punch in the stomach every morning” but it needs to be balanced “to fully control the different news stories of the day”.

Bao Lam (Consequences Business Insider)

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