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Trang chủ » Many people worry that iPhone will lose value due to battery health

Many people worry that iPhone will lose value due to battery health

Many people worry that iPhone will lose value due to battery health

Many people worry that iPhone will lose value due to battery health

When Hong Duk saw that the battery was down to 99%, Hong Duk worried that the iPhone wasn’t perfect and the price might drop if it was resold.

Hoang Duc (Cau Giay, Hanoi) says he uses iPhone 13 Pro Max. With care, he always keeps things in good condition and hopes the machine can fetch a good price when resold.

The device uses a cover, screen and camera out of the box. I visit every few weeks. battery status Check this in your iPhone settings. The 100% visible number made him feel safe. But one day in mid-July, after four months of service, that dropped to 99%. Duke admits he’s a little sad and regretful because the phone isn’t as perfect as it is now. Selling a device to upgrade to the iPhone 14 can also be a bit more difficult than a device with 100% battery.

duke “I can safely keep the exterior almost new after a few years, but the battery does not work even with careful charging” He said.

Battery Health is a feature that Apple has introduced to the iPhone since iOS 11.3. Unlike the battery life percentage displayed on the home screen, which can usually be fully charged, the battery health is an indicator of the “health status” of the battery and gradually decreases with use. For example, the German iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with a 4,352 mAh battery. When the battery level drops to 99%, which is 1% of the bottle, the maximum capacity is only 4300mAh. When that number drops below 80 percent, Apple recommends that it’s time to replace the device’s battery with a new one.

iPhone users can check their battery status by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.  Photo: Luu Quy” class=”Lazy” source=””/><br />
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iPhone users can check their battery level by going to Settings > Battery > Battery status. See: Lu Kui

Mai Phuong (Dong Da, Hanoi) admitted to being overwhelmed by the battery situation. She didn’t care about that number before. However, after selling an old iPhone for an upgrade, there were very few buyers for the phone as the battery charge was below 80 percent. “Since learning about the new feature I sometimes go back to see if the machine has a percentage of the bottle” said Fun.

After seeing the battery was 96 percent “healthy” last week, Puong worriedly reached out to the entire iPhone team to question him, as he thought the battery might be failing. She made sure to use it carefully, used a branded charger that barely charged overnight, but after half a year of use, the battery was at 4%.

Some advised her not to worry too much about this ad, since the phone was born to be used by users and the battery in the bottle can be replaced with another. But Fung was not free from fear. “I wish I didn’t know. Now I always think I’m using an incomplete machine.”said Phuong.

This mentality also happens to many iPhone users around the world. Users in the Reddit community Sims girl When Apple introduced a new indicator feature, she complained that her friends were paying too much attention to the iPhone’s battery indicators. Many members say they like this feature because they can see exactly how the battery is working and plan to replace it in time. Many people now believe that Apple should only display the battery in general terms like good, good, or needs replacing, rather than the exact percentage, which worries users.

In Vietnam, iPhone battery health is a measure of the health and status of the phone. 100 or 90-99% of the used iPhone market “battery percentage” And those under 90% are usually sold at different prices that can vary by millions of Dong.

Hoang, the manager of the iPhone group in Vietnam, said that the battery percentage is why Vietnamese users are so interested. This can be seen in the phone’s specs, most sellers are required to state what percentage of the battery is left.

According to him, the reduction in maximum capacity, also called battery bottle, is a characteristic of lithium-ion. “The battery is sealed from the first use, but the level is very low and gradually increases with use. Although every phone is the same “Apple” It is therefore a rare company to display this entry “iPhone” Only after that, users can check and worry”

Hoang also said that the above figure should only be a guide, since the iPhone can remain more than 80% fully charged after two years of use under normal use. If the battery is sealed, users can easily replace the original battery at Apple Authorized Centers in Vietnam.

This percentage is not always correct either. In the last few iOS updates, many people have reported that the battery gauge has increased after the update. In iOS 14.5, Apple warns users that the battery health may not be optimal and will take time to fix. Also, many stores have iPhone battery methods that use some special tools and interfere with the device’s software to determine the correct battery percentage.

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