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Trang chủ » Jeff Bezos’ supership has quietly left the workshop

Jeff Bezos’ supership has quietly left the workshop

Jeff Bezos' supership has quietly left the workshop

Jeff Bezos’ supership has quietly left the workshop

The Y721, Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht, leaves a dock in the Netherlands without removing her historic bridge.

According to a German magazine The mirror., the Amazon founder’s 127-meter yacht left the Ocean Company shipyard in Alblaserdam and arrived at Ela Greenport in Rotterdam on August 3. This boat is set to receive the finishing touches before being handed over to Bezos.

Jeff Bezos' superyacht is quietly leaving a Dutch shipyard.

The process of bringing the superyacht Y721 into the new workshop is nearing completion. Video: Hans Kugel

In a video shared on YouTube by Dutch sailor Hanko Boll, the move was scheduled for 1am and started at 3am on August 3. The man said Oceanco tried to launch and transport cautiously and the ship “took longer than necessary” to avoid crossing the De Heef Bridge, which the US tech billionaire once wanted to demolish. to miss his boat.

According to the design, the Y721 will have three masts, which “are estimated to be the longest ever built for a ship” and exceeds the height allowed to pass De Heef by around 70 metres. follow up The mirror., the bypass solves the ship height problem. In fact, the shipbuilder did not travel to Y721 when it was shipped.

Y721 was controversial in early February when Jeff Bezos wanted to raise the De Heef Bridge to allow the ferry to pass and shorten the sea route. At the time, the American billionaire promised to cover the cost of this operation and it will take him a week to recover.

This news angered the people of Rotterdam. An event called “Egg on Bezos’ Superyacht” was launched on Facebook. After three days, more than 7,700 people showed interest and more than 2,100 people said they would attend. Public pressure prompted Ocean earlier this month to cancel plans to demolish the bridge.

De Heef, also known as Koningshaven, was built in 1878 and rebuilt in 1927. It is considered one of the symbols of Rotterdam.

Before, night routine Bezos’ superyacht could be modeled after the Black Pearl and is said to be one of the largest yachts in the world. The Y721 is scheduled to be handed over to Bezos later this year.

Bao Lam (Consequences Business Insider)

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