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Trang chủ » Intelligent water filter technology in the Sunhouse machine

Intelligent water filter technology in the Sunhouse machine

Intelligent water filter technology in the Sunhouse machine

Intelligent water filter technology in the Sunhouse machine

Introduced earlier this year, the SHA76214CK-S Hot and Cold RO Filter features three heating modes and 9 filter cores to create healthy hydrogen water.

The device has a capacity of 10-12 liters of water per hour. The tank holds 10.35 liters, 0.85 liters of hot water (90 degrees Celsius), 1.5 liters of cold water (6 degrees Celsius) and 8 liters of normal water (25 degrees Celsius). Consumers can instantly use refrigerators and cookware based on their prep and cooking needs.

The water conditioner is the most important filter core system. With the SHA76214CK-S series, the manufacturer relies on a 9-core system with a RO 50 GPD filter from Korea. In the 2022 version, instead of the usual portable filter unit, a monolithic filter unit (1, 2, 3 cores) was developed. The monolithic core helps to increase the flow of water in the filter (reduces the amount of waste water), it is easy to replace over time (it is not necessary to remove the core and shell separately, but to replace the monolith ).

Compact water filter with modern filter core.  Photo: sun house

Compact water filter with modern filter core. See: house of the sun

Speaking of functions: Core 1, 2, 3, 4 removes dirt, partially removes heavy metals, odors, heavy metal ions, bacteria… Core 5 balances pH; Cores 6, 7, 8 add micro elements, increase pH to create alkaline water, add hydrogen gas dissolved in water… Core number 9 is nanosilver to kill bacteria, deodorize and prevent reinfection .

Improvements in production structure help increase operational efficiency and optimize costs. In addition, the RO 50 GPD filter helps remove many bacteria, viruses and contaminants for clean water. Distilled water can be drunk straight from the tap, bottled water standard thanks to advanced RO filtration technology, reverse osmosis and main filtration capacity of up to 0.0001 micron primary filter, 7-10 convenient filtration levels.

In addition to RO filtration technology, the machine also has 360-degree rapid cooling technology. This is one of the amazing improvements in the new generation of Sunhouse water purifiers. Compared to the chip cooling technology in traditional models, the cold water function is up to 6 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature of the water in the cold room for 4-6 hours. The block helps improve the lifespan of the machine by meeting the different needs of users.

To facilitate functions and convenience for users, each Sunhouse series performs several automatic functions, such as: B.: Stop work when the inlet water pressure is too low; When the tank is full, it will automatically shut off the water; Automatic drainage…

The touch panel supports many functions. The electronic control screen displays the specific parameters of the filter element and warns of automatic main changes. As a result, users can monitor and replace the main line in time, ensuring water purity for a long time. The device has a safety lock near the hot water mode, it is suitable for families with small children, it eliminates the risk of burns.

The new version has a clean design, saves space and can be placed well in many places. The body is made of 3D printed glass with emulsion coating, 0.5mm thick colored metal, easy to clean, which ensures the freshness of the product for a long time.

The touch control panel is easy to use.  Photo: sun house

The touch control panel is easy to use. See: house of the sun

A Sunhouse representative said the product features the Vietnamese brand’s most advanced technology. The group currently has two factories in Hanoi and Long An, which produce around 400,000 finished products annually. Alongside this, there is an additional manufacturing ecosystem that helps the device become technologically independent to make the product “popular”.

Sunhouse currently provides accessories, RO water purifiers, integrated hot and cold water purifiers, caseless and semi-industrial machines, etc. From production to packaging. Aside from the two raw factories, the unit has a manufacturing ecosystem that is actively involved in the family industry. Specially such as Narae Sunhouse system, electronic control circuits, water filters, air conditioners, oil-free fryers, electronic rice cookers… Sunhouse Aluba Plastic Factory’s contribution to the development of plastic parts is the most important main filter. In addition, mechanical equipment, electrostatic spraying systems…

The company operates in most product lines.  Photo: sun house

The company operates in most product lines. See: house of the sun

All products are based on the basic need of most customers, pure, clean water. The team focuses on technology research and product implementation, reducing operations to optimize quality and reasonable prices.

Nguyen Xuan Phu, CEO of Sunhouse Group, said the brand is always at the top of consumers’ favorites list. Sunhouse currently has a 20% market share and competes with more than 400 domestic and overseas brands.

“We hope not only to meet sufficient demand for Vietnamese market, but also to reach export regions such as Myanmar and Malaysia…” said Mr. Puh.

The Sunhouse Slimbio Slimbio SHA76214CK-S Hot & Cold RO Water Purifier received many votes in the 3rd Introductory Program of My Favorite Product Tech Awards 2022. Voting week will take place from August 15th to 25th on the topic “Favorite Water Filter”. User provided results.

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