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Trang chủ » Intelligent voice control technology from Bosch

Intelligent voice control technology from Bosch

Intelligent voice control technology from Bosch

Intelligent voice control technology from Bosch

Bosch Praesensa is based on IP to increase radio transmission efficiency, prevent eavesdropping and maintain system security and flexible wireless control.

The department representative said that the hotel resort service industry in general is experiencing strong growth in the Vietnamese market. A large space, large number of rooms, frequent in and out of people, and ensuring efficient operation of the sound system are among the factors that help the resort improve the overall customer experience and safety. Against this background, Bosch has developed the Praesensa sound system with intelligent communication technology.

Prasensa is based on the new IP platform, which ensures greater flexibility and easier installation. All system devices are connected to each other via OMNEO’s professional communication network architecture.

OMNEO supports the latest cutting-edge technologies including AES67 standard and Audinate Dante network technology for audio transmission, AES70 system management standard. AES128 and TLS standards for real-time authentication, voice encryption for added security, eavesdropping and system security protection.

Legacy Voice System and OMNEO Network is an advanced network solution that ensures stable performance and easy scalability.

Praesensa solution set.  Photo: Bosch

Praesensa solution set. See: Bosch

Multi-channel amplifier architecture can intelligently allocate power for better savings. In particular, Praesensa adapts to the load of the connected speakers without limiting the number of speakers connected to each channel. Total output power is available on all channels, up to a maximum of 600 watts. This number helps the system run with fewer power supplies, fewer amplifiers, and less frequency power.

Each Preesensa amplifier has a spare channel that can be replaced in the event of a failure. This channel uses the same redundant power supply and heat exchanger to save space and installation costs.

The intelligently designed call station supports task selection directly via touch screen and location selection functions, quick message area via keyboard keys with LED display. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows employees to manage notifications and switch audio sources from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

A Bosch representative emphasized that using an audio paging system that ensures flexible and efficient communication and distribution brings many benefits to hotel managers. Prasensa provides instant voice and signal transmission, covering the area in the event of an emergency and notifying all visitors.

The system allows you to adjust the volume depending on the source, for example, soothing music during meals, relaxation with Spanish services; Bright sound quality in practice areas.

The sound system reaches the entire territory of the hotel.  Photo: Bosch

The sound system reaches the entire territory of the hotel. See: Bosch

With the APAS/APAL software version, the signal in the zones can be adjusted wirelessly using a tablet. As a result, the manager dynamically changes the volume of several channels, several zones. Pricena’s solution is also useful for other large areas such as universities, business centers, transportation and other industries.

The developer Bosch has more than 90 years of experience in the field of audio for advertising. The division has put a lot of effort into developing new technologies that meet consumer-driven demands for a sustainable solution.

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