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Trang chủ » Instead of “pushing” Elon Musk to communicate.

Instead of “pushing” Elon Musk to communicate.

Instead of "pushing" Elon Musk to communicate.

Instead of “pushing” Elon Musk to communicate.

Elon Musk found his Twitter account less interactive after suing the social network.

“Many Twitter accounts seem to have had a lot less engagement over the past few days and weeks. Is that true?”, July 30.

Musk’s application was filed with his legal department on July 29. They filed a lawsuit against Twitter in a Delaware court. Here, the forum filed a lawsuit against an American billionaire for “flipping” a $44 billion deal.

Elon Musk laments the decline in relationship after suing Twitter.

Musk thinks his brand is getting less engagement than it’s been lately. See: senate

follow up Business InsiderMusk could question the “overcrowding” of connections to social networks. Musk’s account now has more than 102 million followers, more than a third of that since he announced his acquisition of the platform in April.

Musk announced on April 25 that he would buy Twitter for $44 billion. However, three months later, he canceled the deal, citing multiple bot accounts on the platform. According to him, that billing number can reach as high as 20%, but Twitter says that number is less than 5%.

Twitter went on to accuse Elon Musk of making the deal “unfair every day” and hurting her even more. The hearing will take place on October 17. And it should stay for 5 days.

Second, Twitter reported quarterly revenue of $1.18 billion in 2022. The social networking site reported a loss of nearly $33 million from the merger alone.

Bao Lam (Consequences Business Insider)

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