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Trang chủ » How a cell phone camera becomes a burglary tool

How a cell phone camera becomes a burglary tool

How a cell phone camera becomes a burglary tool

How a cell phone camera becomes a burglary tool

Phone cameras have become a tool to help thieves see through protective glass and have committed many thefts in the past.

follow up phone platformOne of the many ways to protect things in the car and at home is to tape in disposable glass to prevent outsiders from looking inside. However, this method is easily covered by a popular tool – the phone’s camera.

A recent police report from the Memphis (USA) area shows an increase in auto thefts in the area. One way thieves use cameras is to identify valuables like wallets and phones.

This trick was originally published Reddit To help users track the context behind the protected glass door, but scammers use them to steal. According to the members of the forum, this method is dangerous because it can work as soon as you have the device installed, you don’t have to click to take a photo or capture, and they work day and night, especially now that there are many smartphones there have this function, effective night shots.

When near a glass door, the phone's camera can become an intrusion detection tool.  Photo by WREG

When near a glass door, the phone’s camera can become an intrusion detection tool. Looks WREG

TV WREG Memphis tried, and the phone’s camera is next to the glass door, and the screen clearly shows the entire scene inside. Although visible to the naked eye, it is difficult for users to see due to the glare from the glasses. In the criminal field, fraudsters use this technique to achieve their goals.

As a member first_half_23Simply put, an existing layer of glass or glass is used to make bright areas easier to see while blocking the opposite direction to dimly lit areas. However, when the phone’s camera is close to the glass, the distance between the glass and the phone is zero, making it easy to see in low-light environments and indoors.

In the past, scammers had to close their eyes to see inside. It can be easily controlled by holding the phone with the help of the camera.

Police say consumers should be alert if someone enters their home or car and picks up the phone. You should also park in well-lit areas near security cameras, set the alarm if you have one, and prevent valuables from being left in the vehicle.

This isn’t the first time popular tech devices have been used as hacks. In the past, due to the low cost and popularity of the iPhone, Apple’s AirTag has been used by scammers as a victim tracking tool.

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