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Trang chủ » Google servers are down due to heat

Google servers are down due to heat

Google servers are down due to heat

Google servers are down due to heat

Big BrotherGoogle and Oracle data centers have problems with overheating cooling systems, leaving many websites unusable.

On July 20, Google Cloud’s problem reporting page stated that the service had been having problems since July 19. As of July 20, according to the overnight statement, most cloud products reporting “high outages, high latencies or unavailability in Greater London” belonged to Google’s Europe West2 cluster.

Google data center.  Photo: Google

Google data center. See: Google

“A cooling-related issue in one of the buildings housing the Europe-West 2 cluster is affecting multiple cloud services,” the report said, adding that the cooling system has been fixed but needs to be fixed. More research on risk reduction. He participates

follow up RegistrationHe said in the July 20 issue. It uses many storage and processing services like BigQuery, SQL and Kubernetes. Many websites built with WordPress and hosted by WP Engine via Google’s cloud platform also had to be shut down.

Google says it needs to shut down parts of the system and limit the launch of GCE virtual machines to prevent device crashes or prolonged power outages.

The Google Cloud incident comes as the UK experiences extreme heat. A temperature of 40.3 degrees was recorded in the east of the country – the highest temperature in the central part of the country.

Besides Google, another big company – Oracle – has also been affected by the hot weather. The company’s data center in southern England experienced cooling problems and crashed, leaving many customers unable to access or use Oracle’s cloud infrastructure resources.

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