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Trang chủ » Google faces a $25 billion fine.

Google faces a $25 billion fine.

Google faces a $25 billion fine.

Google faces a $25 billion fine.

Google is accused of abuse of power, unfair competition and damage to the European publishing industry.

Nanny “Publishers and media from local to national level have long suffered from Google’s anti-competitive behavior,” reports Damien Geradine of Belgian law firm Geradine Partners. Publishers play an important role in society and it is time the US tracing service company took full responsibility and compensated them for the damage suffered, he said.

The news comes as the UK and Europe Digital Advertising Alliance pursues £25bn. US dollar lawsuit against Google. The company has been accused of abusing its power in the advertising technology market, specifically coordinating the sale of online advertising space to publishers and advertisers.

The Google logo in front of the Alphabet office in Zurich, Switzerland.  Photo: Reuters

The Google logo in front of the Alphabet office in Zurich, Switzerland. See: Reuters

Law firm Humphries Kerstetter (UK) is expected to open the case next month. The effort is aimed at restoring falling ad revenue to publishers “due to Google’s long-standing anti-competitive behavior.” Victims include news channels across the country and thousands of small businesses that depend on advertising revenue. The total damage of the accused reached 8 billion.

A class action in the UK is represented by injured parties who are direct parties to the claimant and have the right to opt out. In Europe, suspected victims must submit an application to be included in the “victim” list.

According to the calculations of the legal representatives, the total amount of compensation can be up to 25 billion. USD. The lawsuits are being supported by law firms in the UK and the Netherlands. After each successful claim, they deduct the cost from the compensation Google pays.

A Google spokesperson responded to the announcement: “We are actively working with publishers across Europe. Our advertising tool and many competitors in this field can help. Millions of websites and apps were promoted. In addition, we enable business for all companies. Sizes to effectively reach new customers.

A Google representative said their service has evolved over time and been modified by publishers. “The above allegations are very speculative and opportunistic. If we receive a complaint, we will fight to the end,” said this person.

In early 2020, Google pledged to spend more than $1 billion on news outlets to bring products to the new news platform. follow up CNNthe company has signed cooperation agreements with 200 newspapers and publications in many countries. Recently, however, Google has repeatedly been sued for unfair competition with local publishers.

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