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Trang chủ » Google CEO: “AI hasn’t figured itself out yet”

Google CEO: “AI hasn’t figured itself out yet”

Google CEO: "AI hasn't figured itself out yet"

Google CEO: “AI hasn’t figured itself out yet”

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai believes that Google’s artificial intelligence has not yet reached the level of self-awareness and may never reach it.

“LaMDA is not what some people think,” Pichai said of the LaMDA chatbot at the company’s Code 2022 event. vox It happened yesterday

LAMDA, which stands for Language Model for Conversational Applications, is an AI developed by Google over the years. AI has been controversial in recent months after Blake Lemoine, a computer scientist who has worked at Google for more than seven years, said it “thinks like a baby”. Lemoine was fired in July for leaking company secrets.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.  Photo: Reuters

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai. See: Reuters

Pichai said he was surprised by the uproar over the MDA’s confidence. But he believed it reflected a deeper concern among people. “We still have a long way to go to get there,” Pichai said of Emotional AI. – Such disturbing thoughts appear prematurely.

At the helm of Alphabet, for example, the AI-integrated products like Google Assistant or Google Voice still have problems in certain cases. “They’re at the forefront of our conversational AI space, but they often don’t work well,” he said.

Google and parent company Alphabet have invested heavily in AI systems over the years. According to Pichai, the development of artificial intelligence models has many important implications for the digital world, such as the shift from PC to mobile.

He doesn’t think artificial intelligence will threaten the world in the future. “I think artificial intelligence still has a long way to go,” said Alphabet’s CEO. “Human values ​​are at the heart of AI efforts. Done right, AI technology will empower humanity.”

Historically, experts have been divided into two camps debating whether or not AI is capable of self-awareness. One side argues that ISs like LAMDA simply respond to user commands based on the large amount of data they contain. In contrast, most people believe that in 10-20 years, artificial intelligence will be confident or self-aware.

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