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Trang chủ » FPT IS Receives FaceID Fraud Protection Certificate

FPT IS Receives FaceID Fraud Protection Certificate

FPT IS Receives FaceID Fraud Protection Certificate

FPT IS Receives FaceID Fraud Protection Certificate

FPT IS experts have received ISO 30107-3 certification for biometric face shields from TaylorCox, increasing transaction confidence.

A company spokesman said FaceID has many practical uses. However, many companies are concerned about the reliability of this identification method and the possibility of counterfeiting. Therefore, ISO 30107-3 is an important step that recognizes that FPT IS solutions meet international standards for FaceID technology.

ISO 30107-3, published in 2017 Mr. Duong Dung Trieu – Chairman of FPTIS said that the face biometric anti-spoofing assessment is very important.

“ISO 30107-3 certifies FPT IS’ experience in implementing eKYC solutions. This certificate also helps to monitor the process of digital transformation of companies and to realize our desire to promote Vietnamese products worldwide. “Mr. three.

FPT IS is ISO 30107-3 FaceID - 1 certified.

Customers use the FaceID function in the eKYC solution.

FPT IS offers eKYC with FaceID application for many solutions such as: B.: Digital signature FPT.eSign: Remote issuance of digital certificates; FPT.e Electronic Contract: FaceID authentication before signing an electronic contract. A solution for digital transformation in human resource management – FPT.iHRP uses facial recognition for face-to-face presence, face-to-face control in locations…

This authentication technology is also used in the digital activation of FPT IS. A digital onboarding solution is a complete digitization platform that complements the onboarding cycle and can be used by customers as well as operational staff and managers. The solution saves time and money by automating financial and banking tasks: opening a payment account, registering a credit card, submitting a loan application, appraisal…

According to Mr. Dung Dung Triu, the current situation offers many opportunities and challenges for the banking sector. Banks must proactively digitize and automate services to gain a competitive advantage. In response to this trend, FPT IS has researched and developed eKYC solutions.

“eKYC is seen as a cornerstone for creating a digital banking model and digitizing the financial industry,” said the President.

In Vietnam, FPT IS supports the digital transformation process of many companies and organizations in the banking industry.

Kasikornbank Public Bank (KBank) from Thailand has reached more than 100,000 new customers after one month of their FPT IS eKYC solution. The Laos-Vietnam Joint Venture Bank (LVB) has gained more than 50,000 customers after three months of transformation. Viet Capital Securities Company has opened 100,000 new accounts after implementing eKYC measures.

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