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Trang chủ » FPT AI Virtual Assistant won the Asia Technology Award

FPT AI Virtual Assistant won the Asia Technology Award

FPT AI Virtual Assistant won the Asia Technology Award

FPT AI Virtual Assistant won the Asia Technology Award

FPT’s AI Engage solution – a virtual AI assistant for companies – was awarded the Asia Technology Excellence Award in the Artificial Intelligence Technology category.

FPT Smart Cloud is one of the Vietnamese representatives awarded FPT AI Engage Call Center Virtual Assistant in the Artificial Intelligence Technology category at the Asia Technology Excellence Awards 2022. It is an integrated solution for virtual assistants in customer service centers that can automate outbound calls (outbound calls), answer inbound calls (outbound calls), or route calls with up to 92% accuracy via Smart IVR. From there, virtual assistants help agents focus on completing complex tasks while reducing business costs.

FPT AI Engage is a solution developed by FPT Smart Cloud for 4 years.  Photo: FPT

FPT AI Engage is a solution developed by FPT Smart Cloud for 4 years. LooksFPT

FPT AI Engage uses artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition and language management. management) and sentiment analysis. This solution can easily handle multiple languages ​​including Vietnamese, English, Indonesian and Japanese. / Services. Advice, reminders and debt collection.

FPT AI Engage is one of the flagship products of FPT.AI, a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses generate actionable insights and deliver new and useful capabilities to end users.

According to FPT Smart Cloud, this solution has recently been chosen by many national and international companies in different sectors such as banking, finance, investments and insurance. The platform is not only used by companies and automates more than 120 million conversations every month. According to the developer, FPT AI Engage saves companies an average of 40% in operational costs and improves agent productivity by 60%.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, FPT’s Smart Cloud AI virtual assistant supports F0 case tracking, zoning and human health monitoring. This platform handles more than 2.6 million metropolitan calls and handles various scenarios such as: B. Querying people’s health and collecting patient data that meets the needs of each region.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Vietas, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud, said that the virtual assistant platform has become an important tool for many domestic and foreign companies since its launch. “The award validates our efforts to develop products with artificial intelligence. The company continues to improve and improve product quality, introduce new functions and new products. New products that better support companies in their digital journey,” shared FPT Smart. Cloud. the leader

The Asia Technology Excellence Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in Asia, presented by Asia Business Review to recognize and reward high quality companies based on peer review by industry experts. Represented in the technological revolution and driver of the wave of digital transformation. . Many leading companies have been recognized including Accenture, IBM,…

FPT Smart Cloud, the 8th member of FPT Corporation, is a technology company providing artificial intelligence (AI) application platforms and cloud computing services with FPT.AI and FPT Cloud as two strategic foundations.

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Interested readers can learn more about FPT’s Smart Cloud and AI solution ecosystem. over here

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