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Trang chủ » Facebook is trying to copy TikTok.

Facebook is trying to copy TikTok.

Facebook is trying to copy TikTok.

Facebook is trying to copy TikTok.

Facebook’s parent company Meta is toying with a real-world feature similar to TikTok, but its impact has been very limited so far.

August. Based on the internal research data of the year, it was founded WSJ Combined Instagram and Facebook users are now spending 17.6 million. Watch rolls of film hours a day. That’s less than a tenth of the 197.8 million hours users spend on TikTok. In August, rollover attendance was down 13.6 percent compared to four weeks earlier. More specifically, “Most Reels users don’t connect.”

One reason is that Meta is trying to recruit people to create content for Reels. According to the document, about 11 million creators in the US use the platform, but only 2.3 million, or 20.7 percent, publish on Reels each month.

It’s Meta-Instagram, Facebook becomes TikTok. See: edge

The creation of Realms Meta is seen as a response to the growth of the TikTok social network. But the feature comes as Mark Zuckerberg’s company’s revenue is falling due to iOS privacy policy changes, younger users are leaving Facebook and Instagram, and Meta has invested heavily in the Meta universe.

Reels appeared in 2020. In August, first on Instagram, and then on Facebook. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg said it was one of the company’s fastest-growing features. Despite this, our own internal research shows that almost a third of Reels’ videos are created on another platform, mostly TikTok. Meta once claimed to “take down” these videos, but the truth seems to be more widespread. As a result, Reels users are often forced to watch “recycled” videos from other platforms instead of new ads.

In fact, overall, MetaTrader still outperforms TikTok. By 2021, Facebook and Instagram will generate $32 billion and $21 billion respectively in the US market, while Tik Tok will generate $3 billion in revenue. But most of the money comes from advertising, a model that faces many challenges, especially since Apple implemented ATT, which gives users control over whether or not they can track and serve ads. Last year, Zuckerberg admitted the feature could cost him tens of billions of dollars.

Also in an internal document, Meta wants to counteract the growing negative user attitude. The percentage of Instagram and Facebook users who think the social network is “interested” has fallen from 70% in 2019. Up to 20% early summer by 2022. When asked if a product was “good for the world,” the score dropped from 60% in 2019 to 45%

The fact that Meta is making Instagram more like TikTok has upset many celebrities. In late July, sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner criticized Instagram for copying TikTok and showing too much irrelevant content. “Let’s make Instagram Instagram again. Don’t try to copy Tiktok I just want to see my friends cute pics,” Kim wrote on Instagram. She is currently in second place with 360 million followers; She has 469 million followers behind soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

A meta spokesman said it was inside information. WSJ It was posted as “out of date” but no further comment was made. Meanwhile, Instagram CEO Justin Osofsky admitted that Rails has been “well received” but has “busy work to do.”

Content Creator’s Response

Laden Purifoy, 22, is a content creator based in Plano, Texas. He often makes videos for TikTok and other platforms, mostly fun music. Many of his posts on Tik Tok have been viewed more than a million times.

Landon Purifoy in a short video.  Photo: WSJ

Landon Purifoy in a short video. See: WSJ

Earlier this year, Purifoy was featured on Snapchat’s YouTube shorts and snaps, as well as Instagram Reels. As a result, his videos continue to garner millions of views on new platforms, with the exception of Reels, which has under 100,000 views.

“Nobody creates original content for Reels. That doesn’t make sense,” Purifoy said.

But not everyone has the same experience as Purifoy. Danny Freeman, 36, lives in New York and specializes in video production. His TikTok channel has more than a million followers. Freeman says he still cuts posts to Reels and finds that more visually appealing content works well on Reels, but TikTok is more focused on a specific topic. In July, Freeman posted a recipe video on TikTok that garnered 440,000 views. However, the same video has been viewed a million times on Reels.

Meta announced last year that it would spend $1 billion to encourage people like Purifoy and Freeman to share more of their content. Internal documents show that only about 120 million has been issued so far. USD. However, a Metos representative reiterated that “this data is out of date”.

Bao Lam (Consequences WSJ)

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