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Trang chủ » Error learning “Life Experience” on TikTok.

Error learning “Life Experience” on TikTok.

Error learning "Life Experience" on TikTok.

Error learning “Life Experience” on TikTok.

While learning how to mix lime with washing powder on Tik Tok, Vu Onh (Bin Dung) caught a mild infection.

“While researching ways to treat moles, I came across a video showing the traditional practice of mixing lime with washing powder to make a paste, then damaging the mole and applying it,” said Oan, 22.

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After a few hours, the mole began to swell and ooze. The wound took about a week to heal, but the mole didn’t go away, it just spread and came out.

In fact, doctors say there is no safe way to remove moles at home. Medical director of the Cosmedix skin clinics Dr. RossPerry. BBC.

Nguyen Hong (Lam Dong) said he learned to lose weight on TikTok by limiting water consumption. In the Network Expert video, you can lose 0.5-0.8 kg a day if you don’t drink water for 24-72 hours. However, after Hong did not drink water for more than half a day, he felt very tired and his blood pressure dropped. Then she immediately added water and this weight loss method “clicked”.

Recently, many Tik Tok videos are labeled as “real” but the content is unverified or fake. For example, earlier this year technical recommendations on fast charging and memory enhancement were deemed misleading.

Finding and applying Tiktok tips in life is popular not only in Vietnam but also abroad. Gabby Browner, 27, of Arizona, said she took a short video of herself trying to save six avocados over fears they would ripen at the same time. She later found a clip showing how to soak and chill avocados in cold water, but after a few days the avocados started to rot.

A spokesman for the US Food and Drug Administration said it was a bad idea. Aside from making avocados spoil faster, soaking them in water exposes the fruit’s surface to bacteria and pathogens like salmonella and listeria, which damages the digestive system.

According to a Google study conducted earlier this year, millions of people turn to TikTok to get information from Google, with the largest share being in the 18-24 age group. Meanwhile, according to the Pew Research Center, the usage rate of TikTok for accessing information has increased in 2021. It has increased from 22 percent to 29 percent in 2020.

Unconfirmed information

Like other major social networks, TikTok has a lot of fake news and unverified content. However, acc WSJThe level of bias is much higher than other platforms as the content is mostly video.

Tik Tok starts with a fun video app. The platform’s algorithm is based on user desires, meaning it displays the results without knowing whether each person’s choices are correct or not.

“When you type a phrase or ask an important question on TikTok, most of the results aren’t from companies, agencies, or experts in the field,” said Kayleigh Fagan, technology researcher at the Shorenstein Public Center. Habits. commented Harvard University.

For example, if you type “Flash Flood” into the TikTok search box, the videos you see are mostly user-recorded content, edited videos, or clips from news feeds. Meanwhile, Google pulls data from official sources like

TikTok doesn’t allow creators to link to websites in video captions. Users can only calculate their credibility based on their content and the date and time of their publication. However, this may be out of date information or edited for the purposes of the person who posted the video.

“Sometimes when you use TikTok, you have to be willing to accept misinformation. The creators are not responsible for this,” said Abby Richards, an independent researcher specializing in the independent assessment of misinformation on TikTok.

According to a Tik Tok spokesperson, if users find fake videos, they can long-press on the video and select an item to report the inappropriate behavior and the moderation team will review it. If you find a video offensive, remove it from the platform.

American University communications professor Scott Talan said users should consider searching and monitoring what’s happening on TikTok, particularly in the areas of healthcare and personal finance. “If someone says I use TikTok for information, I’m a little worried about what they’re getting,” Talan said.

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