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Trang chủ » Employees find ways to deal with spyware.

Employees find ways to deal with spyware.

Employees find ways to deal with spyware.

Employees find ways to deal with spyware.

Fearing employer scrutiny, many people are willing to buy a $30 mouse kit that prevents the computer from turning off the screen itself.

Businesses are monitoring the performance of their employees more closely than ever, in part due to the proliferation of telecommuting services. Survey of over 1,250 US companies A survey last September found that 60% of businesses use tracking software primarily to track web browsing and app usage. 90% confirmed they fired their employees after using this software.

Surveillance technologies can record keystrokes, take screenshots, record mouse movements, activate webcams and microphones, and take photos of employees without their knowledge. Various companies and sophisticated AI algorithms are also being developed to analyze this data.

Conversely, employees need tools to deceive spyware. One of these is a touchpad that mimics the movement of a mouse and prevents the computer from turning off the screen and going to sleep.

$30 Vaydeer Mouse Pad.  Photo: CNBC

$30 Vaydeer Mouse Pad. See: CNBC.

The touchpad cannot capture characters and buttons on the screen, but it can manipulate screen time.

For example, Vaydeer’s touchpad currently costs around $30 and takes less than a minute to set up. Users plug the power cord into a USB port or directly into a power source plugged into an outlet. follow up CNBCThe USB port can cause a lot of data leaks, so those who want to protect their devices should connect it.

There is an orange button on the side to turn the device on and off. The user places the mouse on the scroll wheel in the center of the device. When properly set, the cursor on the screen will move slowly, ensuring the screen doesn’t turn off. Then the user can do other things. This tool does not increase work productivity, but it helps employees to avoid sitting in front of the computer all day.

Some experts think such devices should not have come onto the market. Covert surveillance by employers causes their employees to find ways to circumvent laws and circumvent surveillance systems. Transparency is key to maintaining employee morale. A recent study by consulting firm Gartner found that clarifying the scope and purpose of monitoring can increase employee software adoption by up to 70 percent.

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