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Trang chủ » Elon Musk is frustrated with the staff

Elon Musk is frustrated with the staff

Elon Musk is frustrated with the staff

Elon Musk is frustrated with the staff

Elon Musk is reportedly unhappy with Neuralink’s slow progress and is considering investing in rival Synchron.

As described by four Neuralink employees and former employees ReutersMusk has expressed his frustration to employees at the slow progress of his plans. The company is interested in implanting the chip in the human brain, but did some tests on monkeys last year.

Elon Musk, co-founder of Neuralink.  Photo: Reuters

Elon Musk, co-founder of Neuralink. See: Reuters

Musk once confirmed that Neuralink would successfully create a “brain-computer interface” to treat brain diseases and integrate humans with artificial intelligence in the future. However, this effort is difficult because the founding team has not been active for a long time. The company is now down to just two of its eight founders, including Elon Musk and engineer Dongjin Seo.

A lack of key personnel has virtually prevented Neuralink from meeting its set schedule. In 2019, Musk said human trials of the Neuralink device would begin in early 2020. After missing the target, he said testing could start in 2021 and return by 2022. dead end

Last year, Neuralink announced that it was developing technology to implant brain chips in people with paralysis that would give them the ability to control computer screen pointers. This is the first practical application of Neuralink, but it has not yet proven itself.

follow up Business Insiderapproaches Musk and considers a “possible investment” in the synchronous development of neurotechnology solutions. This country is the first to successfully implant Neuralink in an American patient with ALS, which affects the ability to move and speak, in mid-July. Two of the four sources said Musk had been in contact with Synchro. CEO Thomas Oxley on the investment. However, the source did not elaborate on the matter.

Neuralink and Synchron declined to comment.

Bao Lam (Consequences Business Insider)

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