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Comprehensive cloud security workshop

Comprehensive cloud security workshop

Comprehensive cloud security workshop

Ho Chi Minh CityViettel IDC co-organized a seminar with Nessar entitled “Strengthening the Future of Security” to share business perspectives, challenges and solutions for cloud platform security.

In the year after the August 23 event in Hanoi, the seminar “Strengthening the Security Future – Enabling a Comprehensive Security Future” was held in Ho Chi Minh City, which attracted the attention of many prominent technology experts, and Vietnam was recognized by more than 100 people attended company representatives in the fields of finance and banking, insurance. , technology, media and e-commerce.

August 23 in Ho Chi Minh City

On August 23 in Ho Chi Minh City, a large number of company representatives and industry experts attended the workshop “Strengthening the Future of Security – Enabling Total Security”. Photo: Vittel IDC

Nguyen Trong Bao, deputy director of the Viettel IDC Business Cooperation Center, who attended the event, stressed the importance of information in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and on the journey of enterprise digital transformation. More sophisticated and malicious attacks on business data are being observed around the world, including methods that use malicious code to force companies to shut down operations and pay ransoms. manufacturing business. More than ever, companies need to change their strategies and prioritize the protection of their data assets.

Building the Future of Security Conference Platform - Enabling the Future of Security

Improving the Future of Security Seminar Platform – Enabling a holistic future of security. Vittel IDC

Viettel IDC Digital Services and Solutions Center Deputy Director Tran Van Thanh Ministry of Information and Communications and Information Security and Cyber​​Security Monitoring Center (Government Encryption Committee) quoted the information conference as saying. In 2021 and 2022, 52% of attacks will come from exploiting vulnerabilities at every layer, from data, applications to hypervisors, networks and infrastructure. “All this information shows us the increasing threats in cyberspace. We have no way of dealing with it,” Tah said. According to him, every company should have security strategies compatible with the current business situation that ensure three factors: people, processes and equipment.

In addition to proactive solutions to protect, support and strengthen system security, Nesar Nguyen Thanh Cong has shared the Open XDR platform with customers. This solution can be considered as “a complete SOC in one box”, in line with the trend to create a comprehensive, efficient, intelligent and cost-effective SOC/VSOC network security operations center for MSSP.

At present, information security resources in Vietnam are relatively small and mainly focused on large enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises do not pay attention to information security. Companies only start thinking about investments when they have problems and learn from the next time instead of taking a preventive approach. During the seminar, the security challenges of cloud computing and detailed views of a proactive data protection strategy were discussed. It is also an opportunity for companies to find a practical security solution in the cloud.

As a leading cloud computing service provider in Vietnam with an ecosystem of over 30 products and services, Viettel IDC offers step-by-step solutions from development to operation to data security solutions, not least for companies. Recently, in March 2022, the Ministry of Information and Communications licensed Viettel IDC to sell network information security products and services. This is seen as an important key to help Viettel IDC provide reliable security services for businesses in Vietnam.

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