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Trang chủ » Blyteri Fever – Digitization by VnExpress

Blyteri Fever – Digitization by VnExpress

Blyteri Fever - Digitization by VnExpress

Blyteri Fever – Digitization by VnExpress

For the past three days, Hoang Quynh (HCMC) has been regularly posting photos with intricate designs on social media to show everyone.

When Quinn sees her friends marvel at her ability to create unique creations, she explains that these are actually just her ideas and the result of artificial intelligence. The tool Quinn uses is the Midjourney AI Painter.

“If it hadn’t been explained, no one would have thought it was an image created by entering commands to a computer and drawn in minutes,” Hanoi-based graphic designer Le Trang said of the paintings. World Health Organization.

After learning about Midjourney a few days ago, Trang spent hours on Discord watching the AI ​​draw based on user commands. “Maybe I don’t need to learn much drawing now, but I will learn English because you can create amazing pictures just by expressing yourself,” Trang said happily.

Mid-travel is becoming a “hot” buzzword in many design circles. This AI application tool has been around since 2021, but it has exploded lately because it allows you to take pictures for free. To use it, users must have an account and join the Midjourney Discord community. Each account is free to use 25 times and then pays $10-$30 per month depending on frequency and speed.

To draw an image, users simply enter a sentence describing their idea into the /Imagine command. This statement is in the English language, which does not require adequate structure in the form of speech or separate sentences. Example: / Imagine a girl with neon lights, a girl with a book, rocks, a moonlit night sky (neon lights, a girl with a book, rocks, a moonlit sky).

After entering a description, the chatbot provides the user with four results to choose from.

After entering a description, the chatbot provides the user with four results to choose from.

The system works like a chatbot that “answers” with four photos in four different styles. The user can then select a photo and create additional details, create new variations and choose a solution. Depending on the complexity of the expressed idea, the moment of AI “creation” can be instantaneous or after several tens of seconds.

As someone who works in the graphic design industry, Le Trang appreciates that Midjourney’s AI gets very close to its brief, but doesn’t always satisfy users. “But the unpredictability of the results is what makes this tool interesting,” Trang said.

One limitation of Midjourney is that it’s only offered through Discord, a community forum that’s not very popular in Vietnam. “In addition, this solution only knows English. So when people have more English words, the more detailed the description, the closer the result is to the idea,” Trang said.

Also, free users cannot keep photos for themselves as all communication takes place in group chats and can be viewed by any member. Users can choose a paid plan if they want to work with the system independently or increase the speed of the process.

AI's painting shows a starry night, a full moon in the right corner, a field of sunflowers, a dark-haired woman looking at the moon, in the style of Van Gogh.  Photo: Discord Midjourney

The AI ​​painting shows “Starry night, full moon in the right corner, sunflower field, dark-haired woman looking at the moon, Van Gogh style.” See: Conflict in the middle of the journey

follow up edgeCurrently, there are about 10 popular tools that use artificial intelligence to create images, including some tools that only create simple images, such as photo manipulation or magazine covers. Mid-Ride is one of the newer “fever” remedies of late.

The solution was developed by a team of 10 led by former NASA fluid mechanics graduate student David Holz. He also founded the hardware company Leap Motion before moving away from focusing on AI technology. According to Holz, the device is capable of understanding speech and creating images for two of the most popular applications in artificial intelligence. The tool works like a Discord chatbot, so it doesn’t require any permission or data from the user.

Using AI to render the images, Holtz says the project runs on $20,000 worth of servers and has lease times of a few minutes. “There hasn’t been a service that allows users to make trillions of transactions in 15 minutes without worrying about such costs,” he said.

But Midjourney questions the legitimacy of using the Sanctuary artwork as AI training data. Many people suspect that the works this tool creates were learned from ArtStation, a community of designers and artists who have a huge collection of photos.

In early August, the founder of Holz said that in order to create the AI ​​that works, his team will not use graphics for training, but will use full data from users’ settings online. Many artists say their work stems from artificial intelligence making them happy to create new works.

Rather than a separate app, he says, working on Discord is a way for the community to contribute ideas and create work in a shared space. Currently, the midjourney community has nearly a million active members on Discord.

In its user guide, Midjourney also “prohibits users from creating content that is offensive, abusive, gory, or adult.”

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