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Trang chủ » Bill Gates said he ‘publicly yelled in his face’

Bill Gates said he ‘publicly yelled in his face’

Bill Gates said he 'publicly yelled in his face'

Bill Gates said he ‘publicly yelled in his face’

Billionaire American billionaire Bill Gates (Bill Gates) once said that some people on the street shouted at him because they thought the person who received the vaccine “put chips in other people”.

“I met a lot of people on the streets and in public places. They rushed to me and yelled that I would put a chip in them. It was weird. I was like, okay, turns out these people aren’t just crazy bots, but they really do exist. They spread news. “, – said Bill Gates. Nanny 13.09

Bill Gates will attend the Times 100 Most Influential People event on June 8 in New York.  Photo: Reuters

Bill Gates is one of the 100 most influential people in the world time June 8 New York. See: Reuters

Two years ago in the arena 4 channels The Microsoft founder is said to have spent big bucks on a Covid-19 vaccine, but the main goal is to implant a microchip with 5G connectivity to track who gets the injection. Then the rumor spread on many social networks. The survey was also conducted in June 2020 Yahoo News and YouGove It shows that 28% of American adults believe the above story.

A conversation with CBS Nightly News In July 2020, Bill Gates denied the rumor, saying he thought it was “silly and weird.” Speaking about the shutdown of Internet Explorer in June, he said the browser was killed because it “ran out of chips” because Microsoft had to use it for its Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Gates, after two years, viral data will disappear. Still, he said, “It’s sad that people still believe it.” The US billionaire has admitted he doesn’t want to joke about the vaccination rumors because they are “very serious”.

During the interview, Gates highlighted two sectors in which he has invested: healthcare and agriculture. “All these areas are fundamental, affecting people’s lives and creating long-term stability,” he said.

In July, Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda Gates announced plans to spend another $20 billion. He said this money was transferred to the fund to avoid the global crisis, especially high inflation causing problems in health, education, poverty alleviation and gender equality.

“Looking ahead, I plan to donate almost all of my wealth to charity. I will retire and eventually fall on the list of the richest people in the world,” the Microsoft founder wrote on Twitter at the time.

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