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Trang chủ » Aqua technology solves cooling problems

Aqua technology solves cooling problems

Aqua technology solves cooling problems

Aqua technology solves cooling problems

Problems such as extreme cold, unpleasant odours, bacteria and power consumption are solved by the new technologies developed by Aqua in the refrigerator.

A common problem for homes, business premises, restaurants and restaurants that previously used older model refrigerators or industrial refrigerators is uneven and slow cooling. Large quantities of food are often stored in refrigerators in restaurants and bars. The food on the wall of the cabinet – where the indoor unit is located – cools down quickly, and the elements in the middle are covered and cold air does not reach, which reduces the effectiveness of the protection. Insolvency costs are a headache for many entrepreneurs.

To solve this problem, Aqua uses 3D cooling technology and 5-way cooling flow for a variety of cooling product lines from popular to high-end. The brand claims that these two technologies help users maximize cooling efficiency.

5-way cooling technology in the Aqua Freezer.  Photo: Aqua

5-way cooling technology in the Aqua Freezer. See: Aqua

Instead of 4 internal compartments on 4 sides, like many products on the market, the Japanese brand’s freezer has a 5th internal compartment, located at the bottom of the cabinet. According to the company, this allows for rapid cooling and no dead corners. With 3D cooling, the refrigerant (refrigerant gas) travels from the bottom up and then turns into cold air at the top of the cooler. This means the food gets cold air at the top, not just the sides and bottom of the fridge. Also, this cold air naturally sinks by gravity, which limits the temperature difference between the bottom and top of the cabinet, preventing more cold and cold air from being lost.

Another problem that might surprise refrigerator users is that when many foods are stored together, odors and stains easily mix and stick to the cabinet and other foods. Not to mention the risk of mold and bacteria growth affecting food quality and health.

“We have received many questions from users regarding this issue and the Aqua team has taken the time to find an effective solution,” said a brand spokesperson. The solution Aqua mentioned is a PCM cabinet coated with an antibacterial silver layer Ag+ to make the cabinet walls more durable, they won’t break when frozen food is removed from the cabinet and to prevent bacteria, stains and odors reduce inside. Cabinet.

Antibacterial silver-plated PCM case.  Photo: Aqua

Antibacterial silver-plated PCM case. See: Aqua

The high power consumption when using a freezer worries many people, since this element must be turned on 24 hours a day. All Aqua products now have copper heat exchangers. The device helps extend the life of the product, increase cooling speed and save energy.

“Based on customer-centric product development criteria, we not only develop technology, but also focus on functions that help users avoid potential risks,” the company representative said of the development direction of the refrigerator.

The company’s orientation concrete was developed using several useful tools to eliminate unusual problems not found in existing frozen products. They can be referred to as high density honeycomb insulation foam. This device helps keep food frozen for up to 150 hours after a power outage, reducing the fear of losing food during freezing. In addition, the product has an unusual temperature display. This light gives customers a timely warning when the temperature in the cabinet is 5-8 degrees above the set temperature.

The Aqua Freezer stays frozen for 150 hours after a power failure.  Photo: Aqua

The Aqua Freezer stays frozen for 150 hours after a power failure. See: Aqua

“We bring this device into the product to give users more security when working. Any problem can be solved with current Aqua technology,” he said.

There are currently 11 Aqua Freezer models available on the market, ranging in capacity from 250 liters to 500 liters. The price of this item is around 7 million. In an effort to expand its product range up to VND15 million, the Japanese brand has announced that it will launch more models in the near future, with a focus on large-capacity cabinets to meet the needs of large businesses. Great.

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