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Trang chủ » Aqua Lavish AI 601 – Washing solution for rainy days

Aqua Lavish AI 601 – Washing solution for rainy days

Aqua Lavish AI 601 - Washing solution for rainy days

Aqua Lavish AI 601 – Washing solution for rainy days

The Aqua washing machine has a condenser drying system that uses hot air circulation to dry clothes completely, which is useful on rainy days.

Lavish AI 601 with product code AQD-DH1500G.PP is a high-end washing machine model launched by Aqua in 2022. By … What is special about this product is first of all the integrated tumble dryer function. It weighs up to 10 kg. . This feature is useful for busy families or on wet rainy days.

The product uses a condensation drying process with hot air circulation based on the 4-stage principle. First, the machine passes regular air through a heating element to create hot steam. This hot steam is blown into the tub with the freshly washed laundry. On contact with wet clothing, the vapor turns into cool, moist air.

Moist cold air flows through the condenser system and becomes dry cold air. At the same time, the collected moisture is collected in a water tank or discharged directly from the drain pipe. Eventually, the cold, dry air passes back through the heater and becomes hot, dry air, which penetrates further into the clothing. Moisture in clothing is constantly being released through the circulatory system so that it is completely dry.

Aqua Lavis AI 601 horizontal drum washing machine Photo: Aqua

Horizontal drum washing machine Aqua Lavis AI 601. Photo: Aqua

According to Aqua, the conditioner dryer has a high drying speed and helps the steam penetrate the water. Users don’t have to worry about the fumes escaping from the product. This makes the product environmentally friendly and not limited by installation conditions. In addition, the use of hot air after the recycling system helps reduce energy costs.

To support the drying function, the electric family brand from Japan also has an automatic sensor for measuring humidity and dryness. The machine will stop drying when the laundry is completely dry. According to Aqua, the product can dry a summer T-shirt in 15 minutes and a sports shirt in an hour. The high temperature during the drying process helps to destroy bacteria and mold, remove dust and fluff, which ensures the quality of clothes suitable for homeowners.

Aqua products are useful solutions for drying clothes on rainy days.  Photo: Aqua

Aqua products are useful solutions for drying clothes on rainy days. See: Aqua

In addition to drying, Aqua Lavish AI 601 has all the necessary properties of a high-end washing machine with professional clothes care. This is the largest aqua washing drum product with a size of 601mm and a washing capacity of 15kg. The device uses Aqua’s I-Refresh technology to remove odors and dirt and reduce wrinkles through steam, without the need for water (liquid) or soap. This technology helps renew, care for and maintain high-quality fabrics, soft care fabrics are always like new.

Also, this machine has AI Smart Wash artificial intelligence, and the washing machine can distinguish the fabric based on its water absorption properties, determine the weight of the clothes, and automatically distribute the washing and softening water to the washing machine. Very suitable. And suitable for every wash.

In addition, many functions such as UV sterilization, antibacterial sealing ring, child lock, timer, 15-minute quick wash, memory wash program, colorful LED control panel help make the product more attractive. User.

Aqua Lavish AI 601 has been the flagship product on the market since its launch, an Aqua spokesperson said. “Our products are superior to washing machines and dryers from other manufacturers when they can dry up to 10 kg. With a large drum and advanced drying technology, the laundry has a large falling area, and the drying time is also fast. Therefore, after 10 kg It must have been enthusiastically received by channels such as Nguyen Kim and Cao Phong,” said an Aqua representative.

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