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Trang chủ » Apple warns employees not to gamble on TikTok.

Apple warns employees not to gamble on TikTok.

Apple warns employees not to gamble on TikTok.

Apple warns employees not to gamble on TikTok.

After TikTok posted the video, Paris Campbell, an Apple technician, was warned by the company.

Campbell said she’s a single mom living in New York and has worked as a repair technician at Apple Retail for six years. Last week, she received a request from a Coachella user. The man said he lost his iPhone and received a call from a stranger who threatened to “put all the phone’s data on the black market” if he didn’t erase the Apple ID from the iPhone.

Paris Campbell.  Photo: Paris Campbell/Twitter

Paris Campbell. See: Paris Campbell/Twitter

Campbell made a video and posted it on TikTok. “I can’t explain why I have this information, but I’m a certified Apple hardware engineer. In my opinion, one should not listen to blackmailers. Your iPhone without an Apple ID is of no use to you. Never share this information with others,” Campbell said in the video.

Campbell’s warning quickly went viral on TikTok, garnering more than 5 million views in just 24 hours. But her manager called her on August 12 and told her to delete the video or face severe disciplinary action, up to and including termination of contract. Campbell asked her manager if it was “okay” for her to keep the video and he said he would get back to her later, but she never heard a reply.

Also in Apple’s internal documents edge Campbell was found to have received a warning for posting on company-related issues and violating company policy by claiming to be an Apple employee. Apple has a policy that encourages, but does not prohibit, employees from posting confidential information about customers, colleagues, or others. The internal document states, “We want you to be who you are, but you must respect the company and not engage in random posts, tweets, or other online communications.”

Campbell confirmed that he had received a message from Apple. Then, on August 14, she released a second video, titled “Dear Apple,” in which she claimed to be an Apple employee waiting to be fired. “Prior to this video, I had never identified myself as an Apple employee. The funny thing is, after looking at the policy, it doesn’t say anywhere that I can’t publicly identify myself as an Apple employee, I just don’t want to,” Campbell said.

Her TikTok account currently has 439,000 followers.

“I think Apple’s response is the opposite of what they’re encouraging us to do, which is people thinking differently and coming up with new solutions,” Campbell said. “I have knowledge in this area not only from my work at Apple, but also from many years of experience. That’s why they hired me.”

Apple has not yet commented.

follow up edge, Campbell is likely to be fired. Last year, Apple terminated the contracts of two employees and a social media celebrity for allegedly leaking confidential company information.

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