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Trang chủ » Announcing the 20 Best Startups in Vietnam in 2022

Announcing the 20 Best Startups in Vietnam in 2022

Announcing the 20 Best Startups in Vietnam in 2022

Announcing the 20 Best Startups in Vietnam in 2022

The 20 most promising startup projects in many fields will continue to be admitted to the next Startup Vietnam 2022 competition.

These companies and startup projects scored highly in the Startup Vietnam 2022 voting round, based on evaluation by a panel of experts who scored equally among readers. VnExpress. In many fields such as technology, education, e-commerce, finance, agriculture, …

List of 20 Best Vietnamese Startups of 2022

To be included in the top 20 round, projects must pass a preliminary round of 300 applications submitted to the program and beat 30 other startups in the same voting round. More than three weeks from August 16th. As of September 9, the voting round has garnered thousands of reader votes.

From the 20 projects, the jury evaluates the results and selects the 5 most promising startups.

The next edition of Startup Vietnam 2022 starts on September 23rd.

The Vietnam 2022 top 20 starting round begins on September 23.

From September 23rd, a portal will open where you can vote with the evaluation committee for your favorite startups. The score for each starter in the top 20 is a combined score from readers, profiles and judges.

The startup quality is evaluated based on criteria related to organizational structure, products and services, target market, business model and compatibility of the model. The program’s expert team consists of mentors, startup experts, investors, venture capital funds and successful entrepreneurs.

Startup Vietnam is an annual event. VnExpress A company looking for potential start-up projects in Vietnam. The theme of the programme, now in its sixth edition, is “A New Era of Innovation”. The tournament’s total prize pool is almost two billion dong, which will be awarded to the top 20 teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of VND 50 million and a communications package of VND 200 million.

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