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Trang chủ » AI “refreshes” the picture scene.

AI “refreshes” the picture scene.

AI "refreshes" the picture scene.

AI “refreshes” the picture scene.

Powered by OpenAI, Dall-E 2 software integrates an external color function that can create the exterior of any artwork.

With a new function, the Dall-E 2 can “imagine” the rooms outside the work area. According to OpenAI, the task of this AI system is to create a new context that still corresponds to the original image in terms of color and content.

Artwork A young girl makes pearl earrings after an extension.  Photo: Johannes Vermeer

After that, the play “The Girl with Pearl Ears” spread. See: John Vermer

For example, the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by the artist Johannes Vermeer initially only shows a girl. Dall-E added 2 rooms full of furniture, lamps, pots, wooden boxes and other things.

Created by expert Augustus Campos, the video shows how the image gradually expands based on AI suggestions until the artist feels comfortable.

AI the scene outside the frame

The process of creating enhanced content for the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring. Video: August campus

The new feature of Dall-E 2 quickly attracted users. Many people have used these artworks with this AI to create new ones, most of them have fun and humorous content.

There are some AIs that enhance video content, such as B. Midjourney or stable broadcast. However, acc edgeDall-E 2 makes the difference with new tracks that are more creative, harmonious and “soulful”.

Monalisa work by Dall-E 2. Photo updated by DallE2AI

The track “The Monalisa” was updated from Dall-E 2. Photo: DALEI2AI

Surprisingly, in the past, Dall-E 2 also allowed the conversion of text to images. The new app was launched as a beta version for users with access to more than one million accounts. Each account can take 50 free photos for the first month and 15 free photos for the following month. In case of greater demand, you can buy 115 copies for $15.

OpenAI plans to offer the Dall-E 2 artists and graphic designers who want to edit digital photos… but only in small quantities. The system has filters that prevent users from creating inappropriate images.

“It’s not a product,” says Mira Murathi, head of research at OpenAI. “The goal is to understand the opportunities and limitations while reducing the workload.”

Bao Lam

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