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AI artist won the drawing award

AI artist won the drawing award

AI artist won the drawing award

A painting by AI Midjourney upset artists by winning first place at Colorado’s first exhibition.

work Place Opera House By user Jason Allen (USA) and brought to the Colorado State Fair on August 29th. Awarded first prize in the digital art category. But while artists use computer brushes, Allen creates paintings under the guidance of the recently popular AI painting tool, Midjourney.

Allen printed his work on canvas, “Jason M. Allan inserted the description of the painting in the center and took it to the competing exhibition. Place Opera House It offers a grand opera performance in space.

“I won first place,” boasted Jason Allen, aka Syncarnet, on the Midjourney community Discord group. follow up deputyThe designs are considered masterful in the community, the optics are familiar with the optics of the baroque hall and the accent is the sunny round umbrella.

At the exhibition, the picture drawn by AI won first prize.

At the exhibition, the picture drawn by AI won first prize.

But Allen’s brief announcement sparked a rift between him and artists and opponents of AI.

ENNIE Award-winning animator Gene Jumalon was the first to speak: “A person entered an art competition with an AI creation and won first place. How terrible.”

A Twitter account shared the above message, wondering what AI could do. “We see the death of art before our eyes. If creative work is not protected from machines, even highly skilled work can become obsolete. What will we do?”. This comment received more than three thousand hits in one day.

In response, Jason Allen called the criticism “hypocritical”. He believes these people want to introduce humans and oppose the art created by AI, but they themselves deny the human element in the work.

Tools like Midjourney draw images based on descriptive sentences entered by the user. Allen said he had to come up with another idea for the painting and then sift through hundreds of AI-recommended images to find the best ones. These images were created by Allen to enhance the gigapixel tool and enhance it when combined with Photoshop. The painting that won first prize was one of three that Allen brought to the exhibition.

According to him, critics judge his works by their merit and not by their artistic content. “So if an artist is arrested for painting upside down, will their work be judged differently than artists who normally paint?” This person believes that the world will eventually acknowledge the wisdom created by artificial intelligence and give them their own category becomes.

It’s not the first time that artists have complained about works created by artificial intelligence. The magazine in early August Atlantic Ocean It was criticized for using Midjourney to portray the characters in the text, rather than buying photos or hiring people to draw them. The artists say the decision could lead to a future where publishers don’t want or cut art budgets.

“Technology is increasingly used for work. But a lot of that isn’t enough for society, which makes billionaires even richer,” said animator Matt Bors.

Additionally, many Artists on Demand see AI painting as a way to capitalize on their career successes and enrich the world of technology.

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