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Trang chủ » A series of special initiatives in digital technology

A series of special initiatives in digital technology

A series of special initiatives in digital technology

A series of special initiatives in digital technology

Among the 50 companies and projects that entered the voting phase of Startup Vietnam 2022, there are 7 candidates dealing with artificial intelligence, virtualization, metaverse…

The voting round for Vietnam's top 50 startups in 2022 ends on September 9th.

The voting round for Vietnam’s top 50 startups in 2022 ends on September 9th.


Founded in December 2020, Belcon uses Internet of Things technology to control the use of air conditioning. The system is designed to capture habits and use artificial intelligence to predict, automate and optimize energy consumption. The algorithm can analyze and detect an unusual problem and automatically activate the maintenance service. Since then, using the air conditioner is more comfortable and convenient, and provides energy saving.

Belcon said it aims to become a typical Vietnamese hardware startup to connect with Silicon Valley startups. The company has raised a total of $416,000 over two seed and angel rounds.

Plusc AI

Launched in November 2021, Plus is a virtual KOL development platform that leverages AI to deliver advertising and communication campaigns, helping brands reach and spread the word quickly. This platform creates virtual stars with high realism and intimacy, easily attracts fans and followers, eliminates geographical and virtual distances from the real world, and saves enormous costs.

Polaris Infosec

Founded in March 2019, Polaris is a cybersecurity company focused on comprehensive L3 DDoS protection, including standard web application integration and API security with AI and machine learning capabilities and threat intelligence. Provides room placement model and other security services. The company has passed the pre-seed phase with a capital of $82,000.

open bot

OpenBot was founded in July to research and apply artificial intelligence to problems such as virtual assistants, chatbots, digital transformation, natural language processing support, and job automation. He said the project has won the trust of many partners.

Coin Drop Corporation.

January 2021. Published by Coin Drop Corporation, Comic One is a one-stop launch pad for comic book creators to address financial, sales and marketing planning issues. This platform acts as a content provider and works directly with artists, helping traders get better quality content and increase their earnings, as well as cryptocurrency investors. Content and technical asset monetization. The company survived the angel with $10,000 in capital.

Reel box Vietnam

Reelbox by Reelbox Vietnam JSC was founded in 2021. September is a blockchain technology (blockchain)-based real estate platform that supports the ability to encrypt and convert in NFT form, select investment opportunities through AI consulting, metaverse innovation and virtual trading. Property.

vision technologies

Vision focuses on virtualization, digital real estate transformation, tourism technology solutions, business marketing efficiency, project brokerage efficiency, travel design and more accurate advertising. Given the versatility and increasing customization of 3D applications, Vizion will be one of the innovative platforms that offer unique value for sales and marketing activities. The company passed the pre-seed phase with a capital of US$110,000.

Participate in voting for the top 50 startups in Vietnam in 2022

Startup Vietnam is an annual event. VnExpress A company looking for potential start-up projects in Vietnam. The theme of the programme, now in its sixth edition, is “A New Era of Innovation”. The tournament’s total prize pool is almost two billion dong, which will be awarded to the top 20 teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of VND 50 million and a communications package of VND 200 million.

More than a month after launch, Startup Viet 2022 has received more than 300 applications. The program pre-screened 50 applications in a voting phase between August 16 and September 9. The 20 best projects from 50 profiles advance to the semi-finals based on reader votes and results of the advisory board.

The quality of the startup is evaluated based on criteria related to organizational structure, products and services, target market, business model and replicability of the model. The program’s expert panel includes mentors, startup experts, investors, venture capital funds and successful entrepreneurs.

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