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14 best beginners in many fields

14 best beginners in many fields

14 best beginners in many fields

Among the 50 companies and projects selected for the voting phase of Startup Vietnam 2022, there are several candidates from the fields of finance, business, agriculture…

The voting round for Vietnam's top 50 startups in 2022 ends on September 9th.

The voting round for Vietnam’s top 50 startups in 2022 ends on September 9th.

keep the investment

Metain insists on using blockchain technology (DeFi, NFT, Smart Contracts) to invest in real estate in a transparent and secure way. Transactions and investments on the platform are encrypted. The capital of the company is USD 1.8 million.


Founded in January 2021, Heno is an app that uses post-paid solutions for health and beauty care services and allows users to overcome financial barriers to access the service. The application pays the bill in four installments through a simple registration process. Heno organized a pre-sale with a fund of $100,000.


It is a fashion brand that inspires and empowers women to make a difference through products such as homewear, multifunctional clothing, sportswear and swimwear. LMCation went through a fishing round with a fund of $35,000.

beloved and above

Loved & Beyond (B&B), founded in January 2019, is a unique personalized gifts e-commerce platform that makes it easy for customers to find and buy gifts. Oxtas has thousands of homes for sale and aims to pioneer the personalized gift segment. B&B has passed the pre-sale of $100,000 in capital.

Fast Viet Nam

FastShip was born in 2021. In November. It is a local express delivery service that can process orders quickly and deliver same-day to cities directly under the central government. The company provides international delivery services to partners such as DHL, UPS… by collecting cash on delivery, purchasing international goods and providing international express delivery. FastShip has hundreds of post offices across the country, mostly franchised. The company said it aims to be at the forefront of the fast delivery segment and expand into the Southeast Asian market.

next fit

It’s an app that connects personal trainers and people who want to exercise at home, like yoga, kickboxing… to improve health and have constant support during the workout. Fact. The program creates attractive career opportunities for trainers to solve student and teacher problems.

city ​​of air

Launched in December 2021, Air City will improve the safety and quality of residents through the use of technology to manage buildings, homes and communities. For homeowners, long-term lodging businesses can reduce operating costs and increase revenue, speed up repairs, and reduce financial and property risks. The startup has passed its pre-launch phase with a capital of $85,000.


The Institute for the Development and Application of Acoustic Materials (DASM) focuses on the study of sound absorption, sound insulation and sound transmission purposes using state-of-the-art equipment. The aim of the institute is to study natural fibers to create sustainable materials for sound insulation, sound absorption and thermal insulation, as well as to increase the value of the product and support export. The institution raised a total of $4,000 in two rounds of fishing and seed.


Founded in March 2019, VinaStraws focuses on the production of eco-friendly and health benefits from agricultural materials such as straws, chopsticks, brushes… Changing the material from which the product is made helps to change the behavior and behavior of the change consumers. The products have been exported to countries such as Korea and Europe.

Red flag farm

Founded in 2018, Ko Do Farm is the Southern Ocean Youth Cooperative. In January, it is a department focused on researching technical solutions to support the rice industry. The cooperative has received multiple awards for successfully improving rice cultivation by using the pesticide yellow apple snail from agricultural by-products. This class went through the pre-launch phase with a capital of $5,000.


Launched in October 2021, NanoSalt processes traditional salt grains into healing salt products that are low in sodium and retain their natural flavor. In addition to improving health, the company aims to provide better income for thousands of Nghe An residents, thereby contributing to the preservation and sustainable development of the traditional salt-making village.


FCS was founded in 2020. In August, Space Life focused on the research and production of fine dust filter masks. The product is intended for people living in hazardous and dusty areas and for filtering fine dust. The mask consists of two separate parts, a strap for easy removal and a filter that can be replaced to reduce environmental impact.


Resta applies technology to real estate investing, reducing costs and time for investors and sales floors, streamlining sales management processes and costs, and simplifying processes with paper-based transactional activities that can be performed in an online environment. Resta said it aims to develop online real estate transactions into a larger ecosystem in Vietnam.


Founded by Hallelu in June 2018, the company specializes in producing cocoa products such as chocolate, cocoa powder, increasing the price and positioning of cocoa, and increasing the potential of cocoa in Vietnam. Hallelu invests in modern techniques and lines to create quality products. The company was selected as a representative company at the 2019 Ho Chi Minh Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition.

Participate in voting for Vietnam’s 50 Best Startups in 2022

Startup Vietnam is an annual event. VnExpress A company looking for potential start-up projects in Vietnam. The theme of the programme, now in its sixth edition, is “A New Era of Innovation”. The tournament’s total prize pool is almost two billion dong, which will be awarded to the top 20 teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of VND 50 million and a communications package of VND 200 million.

More than a month after its launch, Startup Viet 2022 has received more than 300 applications. The program pre-screened 50 applications in a voting phase between August 16 and September 9. The 20 best projects from 50 profiles advance to the semi-finals based on reader votes and results of the advisory board.

The quality of the startup is evaluated based on criteria related to organizational structure, products and services, target market, business model and replicability of the model. The program’s expert panel includes mentors, startup experts, investors, venture capital funds and successful entrepreneurs.

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