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11 great startups offering digital platforms

11 great startups offering digital platforms

11 great startups offering digital platforms

Among the 50 companies and projects selected for the Startup Vietnam 2022 voting round, 11 candidates are in the digital platform space.

These startups offer ideas for streamlining, saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency, and reducing the cost burden.

The first round of voting for Vietnam 2022 (Top 50) will take place until September 9th.

The first round of voting for Vietnam 2022 (Top 50) will take place until September 9th.


MySpa, a digital platform specializing in health and beauty care, was founded in 2018. Assisting thousands of spa and beauty salon owners with operational, management, sales and customer service issues in April. The company’s signature products include management software, branded application design… and the latest is the e-commerce site BeautyX, which helps connect businesses and customers. A Myspa spokesman said it aims to become one of the leaders in managing digital solutions for the beauty industry.

lady page

LadiPage offers a landing page platform to optimize business conversions and increase email traffic. Commercial sale. By 2017, more than 4,000,000 landing pages published and more than 400,000 registered users. The company’s products differ for different purposes, such as: B. Building landing pages, building payment pages, communicating with customers, and communicating. Currently LadyPage has expanded and developed in other markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.


In November 2029, Retex launched a real-time lean manufacturing management platform that combines lean and digital technology to improve efficiency and streamline operations. The company uses the cloud and IoT to simplify and reduce workloads, increase automation, and update and process data in real time. Retex is realizing the goal of digital transformation for its textile business and will soon build a B2B e-commerce business model, financial sector (B2B2C) and ordering platform for garment factories and retailers.

Novan Tech

Novaon Tech specializes in providing digital transformation solutions with a focus on challenges faced by businesses such as: B. Customer acquisition, operations management and e-commerce. The company’s solutions target 7 prominent industry groups, many of which are part of the VNR500 group, to optimize operational efficiency and business performance. Novan Tech is currently Google’s senior partner and technology partner for Tableau BI and UiPath in Southeast Asia.

thanks trip

ThankTrip, a local travel booking and planning app launched in 2021. August. The platform offers experiences, travel packages and on-demand tours with thousands of destinations and helps to connect tour guides, small and medium-sized local tour operators with travellers. ThankTrip aims to be a leading technology platform providing end-to-end solutions for the travel industry. The company went through an angel with a capital of $50,000.

SaleMall shopping center.

SaleMall was founded in 2018 by iNet Software Co.,Ltd. February. The company has developed a range of software to help online and multichannel sales departments effectively manage sales and customer management, payments and marketing.

my creator

OMI OMCall is a virtual call center that helps companies and startups generate more profit by creating an intelligent virtual call center that encourages customer-to-customer interaction and communication. This system helps reduce, manage and analyze call costs, assess call quality, provide real-time reports, leverage VoIP technology… In addition, OMCall promises businesses to reduce operational costs, improve customer service efficiency and improve competitiveness to increase.


It is February 2020. Born control platform with control technology product development strategy, accompanied by efficiency and good implementation. Tomahosoft ensures that its platform can save costs, increase security, always provide new functions for free, support intelligent business management, manage administrative tasks, and run any business anytime, anywhere. Tomhosoft raised a total of $563,000 in pre-seed and angel rounds.

He was born

Founded in March, Wesale is an online direct (O2O) platform providing solutions for real estate distribution, development and investment, and product buying and selling. This platform converts transaction data into an online trading portal, connecting customers and investors directly. Vesalle entered seed stage with a capital of $100,000.


In October 2020. A platform was launched to help participants resell unused items to people with similar tastes and interests, take care of their wardrobe, reduce waste and protect the environment. This platform is also a place where people who share the same passion for fashion and the environment can meet, interact and share. The idea is highly appreciated by brands and social organizations and has won many awards such as Start up Wheel and later Young Tech Leader 2022. SSSmarket passed the pre-seed phase with 6 million capital. USD.


Launched in 2021, GapoWork is a platform for enterprise communication and collaboration. In May, many companies are still working remotely. This platform integrates more than 21 functions, gathers for communication and collaboration, allows companies to manage their digital space, quickly get information from employees, improve user experience, offers tools and advisors that are easily adapted to different workplaces .

Participate in voting for the top 50 startups in Vietnam in 2022

Startup Vietnam is an annual event. VnExpress A company looking for potential start-up projects in Vietnam. The theme of the programme, now in its sixth edition, is “A New Era of Innovation”. The tournament’s total prize pool is almost two billion dong, which will be awarded to the top 20 teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of VND 50 million and a communications package of VND 200 million.

More than a month after its launch, Startup Viet 2022 has received more than 300 applications. The program pre-screened 50 applications in a voting phase between August 16 and September 9. The 20 best projects from 50 profiles advance to the semi-finals based on reader votes and results of the advisory board.

The quality of the startup is evaluated based on criteria related to organizational structure, products and services, target market, business model and replicability of the model. The program’s expert panel includes mentors, startup experts, investors, venture capital funds and successful entrepreneurs.

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